We finally know how old Thor is. Chris Hemsworth has been playing the God of Thunder since the earliest days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his exact age has been left somewhat mysterious. Infinity War, in a brief moment, finally reveals what his actual age is. In the grand scheme of the movie, it was an easy thing to miss or overlook, but the reveal is in there.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Avengers: Infinity War, so read on at your own risk. After Thor encounters the Guardians of the Galaxy in a pivotal moment, he begins explaining how many foes he's fought over the years. To help illustrate his point more clearly, he reveals that he is 1,500 years old. This not only provides some context in that it gives us a very good idea of just how much experiences the God of Thunder has with battling powerful enemies, but it allows for fans of the MCU to truly understand how long the character has been around in the universe prior to becoming part of The Avengers.

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The only real question here is whether or not this is an exact number. Did Thor recently celebrate his big 1,500th birthday? Or is he just providing a ballpark figure? In either case, that makes his time in the MCU, since audiences have become familiar with this version of the character, relatively insignificant in terms of the Asgardian leader's overall lifespan. A decade is by no means a significant chunk when compared to a life that has lasted a century and a half. That said, Thor has endured a tremendous amount of hardship during his time in the MCU. His mother and father have passed away and he just had to watch his brother, whom he has a very complex relationship with, die at the hands of Thanos. Not to mention the majority of his Asgardian people.

It's little details like this that make it clear just how much was packed into Avengers: Infinity War. Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo had the near impossible task of trying to make all of these characters work on screen together, all while delivering a satisfying narrative and delivering on the promise of Thanos, who has been teased as the biggest villain in the universe for six years. Amazingly, they pulled it off, all while managing to layer in little bits like this along the way.

Avengers: Infinity War has paid off handsomely for Marvel Studios already, as the movie has crossed the $800 million mark at the global box office in just a handful of days. That's nothing shy of remarkable. Thor will be one year older and one year wiser by the time Avengers 4 arrives next year. It's going to be a long wait for hardcore Marvel fans, given what happened at the end of Infinity War. But if this movie proved anything, it's that Kevin Feige and the Russo brothers can make something epic that is well worth a long wait.