The second trailer for the Marvel superhero adventure Thor arrived yesterday. Director Kenneth Branagh recently gave more details about the new villains on display in the trailer, one of which is a frost giant.

"The story involves a clash with an ice planet, and the frost giants who live therein. They - as might be suggested by the name - are enormous creatures of incredible power who have been robbed of their power and glory by Odin, Thor's father. What fuels a lot of this intense battle is revenge. This is an angry race, trying to get back at Thor and the Asgardians, the self-proclaimed guardians of the universe."
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Another villain we saw in the trailer is called The Destroyer, a metal giant which can shoot flames.

"This series of metal bands form a giant, walking beast and open to reveal terrifying firepower. In the right hands, this incredibly powerful device - awesome in its killing quality - is potentially a creature of extraordinary protective powers. In the wrong hands, it is a nightmare."

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