Marvel Studios' latest adventure Thor follows the studio's long tradition of featuring a brief scene after the end credits have rolled. While this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who follows these superhero tales, it might surprise you to learn who directed the end credit scene in Thor. Actor Stellan Skarsgård, who plays Erik Selvig in the movie, said that The Avengers director Joss Whedon directed the end credit scene, and not Thor director Kenneth Branagh. Here's what the actor had to say below.

"That was just a couple of months ago and I was happy to meet Sam (L. Jackson) again. I flew over there and went into a basement and talked to Sam for a couple of minutes and went home. That was with Joss Whedon, who's doing The Avengers."
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The actor was coy about how his character will turn up in The Avengers, though.

"I know what's going to happen to my character in that film, but I'm not allowed to say anything. I'll have to sell my house to pay the fines for that."

CLICK HERE to watch the video interview with Stellan Skarsgård about the end credit scene of Thor, which is currently playing in theaters.