Marvel Studios Phase II kicks off this summer with Iron Man 3, followed by a trip back to Asgard this fall with Thor: The Dark World in November. A new a behind-the-scenes photo has arrived from the set of this Norse adventure, which features star Chris Hemsworth taking on the role of a full-time general. Here, we see the troubled God discussing a scene with director Alan Taylor as he is about to ride into battle against Christopher Eccleston's Malekith the Accursed. Travel back to a time when Gods ruled the world, and then read on for more details from producer Craig Kyle.

Thor: The Dark World Behind-the-Scenes Photo

Thor: The Dark World is set one year after the epic blockbuster Marvel's The Avengers, with Thor returning to a war-torn Asgard that has been overrun by the Marauders. Things get even worse with the arrival of Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccleston), who is hell-bent on getting his revenge on Asgard because of a grudge from long ago.

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Here's what producer Craig Kyle had to say about the threat of danger in this follow-up.

""Like in Indiana Jones, while there's high stakes and high threat and high danger, there's always fun. It's a very complicated blend. Thor is, until Guardians of the Galaxy hits, by far our most wild, fringe Marvel piece. But that's why it's the Marvel Universe and not Marvel Earth!"

It isn't known when the first trailer for Thor: The Dark World will debut, so stay tuned.