Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were excited to learn Taika Waititi is returning to direct Thor: Love and Thunder. However, there are more than a few who are disappointed over the fact that Waititi is returning because they didn't enjoy the humor in Thor: Ragnarok. Even though Waititi is a busy guy, he had some time to perfectly respond to a disgruntled fan who is bummed to see him returning for the highly anticipated sequel. The director is known for taking projects in unique and often strange directions, which turned off some MCU fans.

Thor: Ragnarok took the ultra-serious character and interjected a lot of humor. It was a complete change and it famously got Chris Hemsworth back into playing the character again after hitting a rut. With that being said, there are some who still aren't into the new direction Taika Waititi introduced. "Taika Waititi ruined Thor: Ragnarok for me. Too much comedy. Let's hope he doesn't do the same with Thor Love and Thunder," said one MCU fan. For those fans who may be in agreement with that sentiment, Waititi doesn't care. He responded, "Sorry in advance, suckaaaaaaa."

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Taika Waititi likes to collaborate when his productions start, which gives his projects a unique feel, especially for the MCU. While Ragnarok took many by surprise, it ended up being the best reviewed and most successful movie for The God of Thunder and set up a new story arc that continued throughout Infinity War and Endgame. While we don't know how everything will end up with Thor: Love and Thunder, we do know the humor element will remain.

In addition to his work with the MCU, Taika Waititi is preparing to release his satirical anti-hate movie Jojo Rabbit this fall. The story revolves around a boy during WWII who has Adolf Hitler as an imaginary friend. The trailer for the dark comedy was released last week and the reactions have been mostly positive. Waititi does satire well as shown in his original What We Do in the Shadows movie and he took some of those elements into a Ragnarok and will probably do the same with Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder doesn't hit theaters until November 2021, so we still have a pretty long wait ahead of us. Natalie Portman is returning as Jane Foster, who will take on the Mighty Thor mantle this time around. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are also returning and fans are eager to see how Waititi incorporates the Mighty Thor storyline into the highly anticipated sequel. For now, the director is keeping his mouth shut, but we at the very least know he's going to keep the comedy and unique feel intact, which is good news for most fans. You can check out Taika Waititi's Twitter response to a disgruntled MCU fan below.