The direction of Thor: Love and Thunder still largely remains a mystery, but we do know that Natalie Portman's Jane Foster will return, with the actress having previously teased a substantial role for the character. Well, Portman has now given a little more away, confirming that Jane will indeed wield the iconic weapon Mjölnir in the MCU sequel.

"Do you get to hold the hammer?" Natalie Portman was asked, with the actress responding proudly saying, "I do, I do."

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"Look at me now, [expletive], I got the hammer. Please tell me that's in the script," pleads the interviewer, with Portman responding jovially saying, "Oh, yeah, that's like basically all I say. You're psychic!"

Portman has already offered up some clues regarding her role in Thor: Love and Thunder, and recently all but confirmed a long-held rumor regarding the sequel's story. "I can't tell you that much. I'm really excited," Portman said earlier this month. "I'm starting to train, to get muscles. If there can be all these female superheroes, the more of them they are, the better it is. I'm trying to think - it's based on the graphic novel of The Mighty Thor. She's going through cancer treatment and is a superhero on the side."

In the Marvel comics arc that Thor: Love and Thunder is expected to be based on, Jane Foster becomes Thor while receiving treatment for breast cancer. The power of Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, restores her strength, which she uses to become a superhero in Thor's absence, but it's magic also stops her cancer treatment from working, putting her in a very difficult situation. Jane operated as the Mighty Thor for several years but was ultimately told that continuing to do so would kill her. It has long been rumored that Thor: Love and Thunder will be taking inspiration from this story for Jane, and, with Portman's most recent comments, this is starting to sound more and more likely.

Returning star Chris Hemsworth recently confirmed that Thor: Love and Thunder will begin filming in January 2021. The movie should have already begun production but was sadly pushed back along with everything else in the movie world. The actor also revealed that Thor: Love and Thunder will do something different with the Marvel superhero saying, "This is the fourth time with a Thor film and the eighth Marvel film overall.

Very excited, excited to try something different. The last three films, I think we certainly pushed the envelope. We've had a few different versions of the character. Now people expect dramatic change. We've got our work cut out for us. Taika Waititi, he's back to direct. He's writing the script right now. Natalie Portman is going to be in the film, Tessa Thompson. So, we've got a fantastic slew of actor's in there, and cast and crew."

Thor: Love and Thunder is the sequel to Waititi's own Thor: Ragnarok and the fourth movie in the Thor saga. The movie will star Chris Hemsworth as the title character once again, as well as Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman, Taikia Waititi and Christian Bale as the movie's mysterious villain. Thor: Love and Thunder is scheduled to hit theaters on February 11, 2022. This comes to us from espnW