Marvel is having themselves one heck of a year. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 crushed it at the box office this summer, and Spider-Man: Homecoming successfully brought a solo Spidey adventure to the MCU, which also made a lot of money. Next up? Thor: Ragnarok, which looks to finally deliver a great solo Thor movie. The first round of reviews have just been released and, rather impressively, the movie has a 100 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes so far with 34 reviews counted. Here's what Variety had to say about it.

"Thor: Ragnarok is easily the best of the three Thor movies, or maybe I just think so because its screenwriters and I finally seem to agree on one thing: The Thor movies are preposterous."
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Thus far, the Thor solo movies haven't been as great as many of the other solo movies in the MCU, but people have always loved Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder. By embracing the "preposterous" nature of the character, it looks like director Taika Waititi has turned Thor: Ragnarok into something special. It doesn't hurt that they have Hulk along for the ride this time around. As The Wrap states in their review, it's the kind of movie that literally anyone can enjoy.

"Both the banter and the fighting, it should be noted, are excellent, so whether you go to superhero movies for the glossy escapism or the pulse-pounding action, you'll get your large soda's worth."

Up to this point, Iron Man has the best overall rating on Rotten Tomatoes for an MCU movie, with 94 percent, but that's with 251 reviews counted. The lowest-rated MCU movie is, interestingly enough, Thor: The Dark World, with a 66 percent approval rating. So the fact that Thor: Ragnarok has launched with a 100 percent rating shows a dramatic improvement. That said, the rating is likely to drop at least a little as more reviews pour in, but this is a great start for Marvel's 17th movie. The closest thing to a negative review so far is USA Today's take, which acknowledges that there are some tonal issues. Despite that, the movie still has a "magic" to it.

"Even tonal issues can't upend the magic this movie taps into putting Thor and Hulk together as new best buddies, whether they're throwing down in an arena or having a bromantic heart-to-heart."

Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theaters on November 3 and is tracking for a possible debut of $100 million. That would make it easily the biggest for any Thor movie and these reviews are sure to help. A Rotten Tomatoes score isn't everything, but as we've seen with movies like Wonder Woman, largely positive reviews can really help a movie in the long run. It's pretty safe to say that Marvel Studios has yet another huge hit on their hands.