If director Taika Waititi was a breakfast food, actor Cate Blanchett would eat him every morning. At least, that's the surprising revelation she's made concerning her time spent with the filmmaker on the set of Marvel's upcoming Phase 3 adventure Thor: Ragnarok. In a recent interview, the Oscar-winner had nothing but praise for her Marvel team, while sharing a bit of behind-the-scenes intel.

As you probably know, Cate Blanchett has joined the Marvel movie universe, playing the villainous Hela in Thor 3 opposite Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder and Mark Ruffalo as the green goliath otherwise commonly referred to as The Hulk. Ragnarok is in its final weeks of filming. And it's possible that Blanchett has already wrapped her role, though she has not confirmed that.

In a recent interview with Mark Ruffalo, the actor described his co-star as 'the worst of the worst' in terms of what she is bringing to the character of Hela (don't worry, he meant it as a compliment). Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Cate Blanchett reveals that she did not actually work much with Mark Ruffalo, who wrapped the movie early playing Hulk mostly as a motion capture character. About the worst of the worst comment, she questions his compliment.

Did he say that? Well, he's the greenest of the green! I didn't get to work so much with Mark, unfortunately. But I did get to work with Chris [Hemsworth] and talk about delightful! He's just absolutely fabulous. The whole thing was just a riot and fantastic fun. Did you see [director] Taika Waititi's film, Hunt for the Wilderpeople? Or, What We Do in the Shadows? He's just got such a sure hand. He's wonderful, I'd eat him for breakfast if I could. He's absolutely delicious. And he's irreverent which is great because Marvel, at its best, has its tongue firmly in its cheek."

Mark Ruffalo apparently didn't spend a lot of time with any of the cast members, only occasionally shooting with his leading man Chris Hemsworth against green screen on an Australian soundstage. But the rest of the cast appeared on set together, and Cate Blanchett has nothing but good things to say about that experience. Especially working with Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

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"He is a big guy! But, you know, you get on the Avengers/Marvel bandwagon - they're making so many of these behemoths at once - he doesn't have any time to sort of get chubby. I do love Chris in these movies - he has that really playful side of him that he gets to truck out.

So far, we have yet to see Cate Blanchett in her full Hela costume. Recent rumors (WARNING: SPOILER!) claim that some of the Thor characters will return this November in the Doctor Strange post-credit sequence. Though, Hela is not one of them. Thor Ragnarok is one of three new Marvel movies hitting theaters in 2017. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 arrives first on May 5, followed by Spider-Man: Homecoming on July 7, then Thor 3 on November 3. Doctor Strange will be in theaters this November, with its November 4 release date just a few weeks away.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
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