Taika Waititi's secret role in Thor: Ragnarok has been revealed nearly three years after the movie hit theaters. While that alone is pretty crazy, it appears that it fits into a larger Easter Egg pertaining to What We Do in the Shadows. This reference is about the vampire movie, which came out in 2014 and starred Waititi, Jemaine Clement and Jonathan Brugh. The movie went on to inspire the critically acclaimed FX TV series, which sometimes includes the three original vampires.

Taika Waititi's secret role in Thor: Ragnarok comes up about halfway through the movie when Thor is gearing up for the gladiatorial Contest of Champions. Waititi's Korg suggestions a forked wooden spear to take into battle, which Thor wisely decides against. Korg than says, "Yeah, not very useful unless you're up against three vampires all huddled up, eh?" How exactly would an alien like Korg know about vampires? Since Waititi delivers the line, it is surely a reference to What We Do in the Shadows.

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If you look in the background of the aforementioned scene, one can easily spot a bald Taika Waititi huddled up with three other heads, which are presumably all him, though there has been speculation that one of them is actually Chris Hemsworth. Whatever the case may be, this evidence with Korg's talk about three vampires makes this seem like a bit more than an off the cuff joke from Waititi. There was a lot more thought that went into it, and at the time, the director probably did not expect anybody to get the reference or even recognize that it was him.

What We Do in the Shadows has gone on to become a cult classic, thanks to Taika Waititi's success, and the hit TV series. Season 2 just wrapped up and had Star Wars actor Mark Hamill guest star on one episode, along with many other celebrities and comedians. It has just been renewed for season 3, which will have the Staten Island vampires on some new adventures, though we're not actually sure what those adventures will be. Jemaine Clement has stepped down from the writer's room and is looking forward to seeing what they come up with on their own.

As for Taika Waititi, he just revealed that Thor: Love and Thunder will be an "insane" and "romantic" movie. He says the first few drafts of the script have been written and says he's going back to do some further revisions before production can start. If all goes well, the movie will be able to begin production early next year in New Zealand, since they have flattened their curve. For now, we'll just have to wait and see how everything pans out over the next few months. In the meantime, you can head over to Reddit to see the What We Do in the Shadows Easter Egg, which is where the secret Taika Waititi role was originally found.