Will you be on the hunt for Easter eggs when it comes to watching Thor: Ragnarok on the big screen this November? Well, then, you better keep your eyes open during every single minute of the movie, cause there will be a lot. Right down to an actual Easter egg planted by director Taika Waititi, which is a fun wink and nod to the concept itself. But the real meat here is that Thor 3 finally confirms the presence of fan-favorite characters Beta Ray Bill and Man-Thing, along with a few fun others. Though, they're never actually seen on screen.

According to Marvel big boss Kevin Feige, this particular Easter egg is the biggest one Thor: Ragnarok has to offer. And it's pretty cool. The Easter egg in question is actually revealed in the trailers and TV spots, so you don't have to go looking high and low for it either. Feige explains.

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"There might be some things in the trash piles. I mean, the biggest, the biggest Easter eggs are on the side of the Sakaran Palace. There are previous Grandmaster champions that we see, as one for Hulk is being constructed, and those are all sort of Easter eggs for the deeper comic universe, that may or may not ever show up in the cinematic universe, but we thought it'd be fun to celebrate."

The heads of previous gladiatorial champions on the side of the Grandmaster's Sakaar palace are clearly seen in the image provided below. Feige doesn't go onto mention these characters by name, but fans have done the proper digging, and it is confirmed that this structure includes Beta Ray Bill at the top left, Ares at the top right, Bi-Beast at the bottom right and Man-Thing on the very top. Some of the other heads are still being debated, though many believe you can see Fin Fang Foom in there. While none of the characters make a physical appearance in the movie, this confirms they are part of official MCU canon.

Perhaps one or more will show up in Avengers: Infinity War or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Maybe one of the more popular side characters will get their own movie in Phase 4. At this point, it's anyone's guess. Director Taika Waititi went onto confirm the presence of an actual Easter egg in the movie. This one isn't dyed by Asgardian children. It's chocolate through and through, and a very subtle yet over the top joke that most will definitely miss.

"And in the trash pile, there is one Easter egg, an actual egg. If you were in, yeah, I mean, it's, it's one of the small ones, well, it's one of the tiny little chocolate ones, and it's the wide shot."

Perhaps Waititi is joking, trolling fans who would go out of their way to look for such a thing. But then again, knowing this guy it's probably not a joke at all. You can take a look at the shot from one of the recent Thor 3 trailers thanks to Screen Rant, which gives us a look at some obscure Marvel characters as they get their blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in the sun.

Thor Ragnarok Easter Egg