Thor: Ragnarok was a breath of fresh air for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and especially for the Thor character. The over-seriousness of the first two installments gave way to a colorful and humorous approach that completely reinvigorated actor Chris Hemsworth's love for playing the mighty superhero. Director Taika Waititi encouraged adlibbing lines, which added to the fun element and Hemsworth wanted to bring that into Infinity War as well. Apparently, some of those new elements came off as gay since a new article has now labeled Thor: Ragnarok as the gayest MCU movie, leading to the perfect response from Waititi.

Vulture compiled a list of the gayest Marvel movies and Thor: Ragnarok is number one, for more reasons than any of the other previous 18 films in the MCU. The author notes that he ranked the movies as to, "whether they tickled my queer sensibility," which means that Ragnarok ticked a lot off of his list. To celebrate, director Taika Waititi took to Twitter to say, "Yaaaasssss! Take that Iron Man!" with a special emphasis on the "Iron." The number one reason that Waititi's opus was named the gayest Marvel movie is because the author claims to have seen the director at a party with a "see-through mesh shirt," which automatically gave the film 200 points.

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Other reasons that Thor: Ragnarok was labeled the gayest Marvel movie include, Hulk's nude scene, Thor's haircut, and Jeff Goldblum's blue spot of lipstick. There are many more reasons, but they aren't exactly safe for work, so we'll leave it at that. Taika Waititi is proud of the rankings and shared the list with his followers, along with some emojis that helped fully describe his excitement.

While Thor: Ragnarok is number one on the list, Thor: The Dark World comes in dead last, which means the Dark World as well as The Incredible Hulk (number 18), aren't gay enough for this list. Infinity War immediately lost points because Thanos could have just been "I love jewels," instead of the whole save humanity by killing off half of the population thing, so the epic movie lost points for that. On the other end of the spectrum, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 was labeled as the second gayest Marvel movie, mainly for Chris Pratt's good looks.

Thor: Ragnarok came under fire upon its release when it was learned that Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie had her bisexuality from the comics left out of the final cut. Even after the list deducted points for that incident, the movie still came out on top as the gayest Marvel movie. It's also worth noting that all three of the Captain America movies found spots in the top ten, with two in the top five, mainly for the relationship between Steve Rogers and Bucky. Anyway, if you would like to read the rest of the gayest Marvel movies list, head over to Vulture and read Taika Waititi's response below.