It's spoiler time, so you better stop reading if you want to go into Thor: Ragnarok clean and fresh. The movie is just a few weeks away from release. But quite a few critics and journalists have already screened the sequel for interview purposes. Though, one intrepid reporter couldn't help himself in blurting out a major Thor 3 spoiler on air. Which star Chris Hemsworth found incredibly irksome. You can see the cringe-worthy exchange in the video below.

Marvel actors are trained in not revealing spoilers of any kind, a class which Mark Ruffalo must have slept through, as evidenced by some of his behavior recently. But that won't ever stop an interviewer from saying something he shouldn't. That's fine when it's in print and Marvel can embargo the interview. But not when it's live on air, as is the case with the latest Thor: Ragnarok interview.

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A new Australian TV interview has Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo sitting down to chat about Thor 3. And for once, Ruffalo is not the one with loose lips. Sitting at a table with a number of reporters, the pair are affable and friendly, making jokes about Thor's hammer and lose of hair in this sequel. Then the main reporter blows it by blurting out one of the movie's best kept secrets.

The Australian TV show in question is called The Project. Hemsworth happily agreed to appear on the show since he's a native of the country. And he appears to be having an alright time. But the guy nearly comes out of his skin when he gets asked about Hela, the villain played by Cate Blanchett.

Hela, as most fans know, is the Goddess of Death who destroys Thor's hammer and attempts to take over Asgard. She also happens to be Thor's...(SPOILER ALERT)...Sister. That is definitely not something Marvel wanted revealed in the weeks leading up to the movie's release. But now the cat is definitely out of the bag as this interview goes viral.

All Hemsworth can say in return is, 'That's a no-no, dude!' He cringes, clearly uncomfortable with the unexpected reveal. He's had to sit on the information all throughout production. And now, on live TV, the secret is out weeks before the movie. Whoops. The bad part is that while we can give those who haven't watched the movie a spoiler warning, those watching the interview for the first time had no idea the big reveal was coming. And there has been some fan outrage to say the least.

On the flip side of that, there are those fans who have come to the host's defense, stating that anyone immersed in Norse mythology already know Hela is Thor's sister, and there has been a family connection in the comic book for years. In the Marvel Comics, she is actually the daughter of Loki. Though, not the version of Loki being played by Tom Hiddleston in the movie. Odin gave Hela power over two important realms in Asgard. But as it stands, Odin is actually Loki in the MCU, if that makes any sense. So changes to Hela's backstory were expected.

You can watch the full uncomfortable exchange in the video embed below thanks to Walrus Rider's Youtube channel. There's no going back now.