Mark Ruffalo's time spent on the set of Thor: Ragnarok has been short but sweet. Production only started on July 4th, but after less than a month, the Academy-Award nominated actor is done, and has wrapped his portion of this exciting next chapter in the Marvel Phase 3 saga. To celebrate, Ruffalo has shared a few new set photos offering a look at Chris Hemsworth's new shorn Thor look.

Ruffalo's time on the movie was more limited than usual, as most of his performance is motion-capture only. It's not yet quite clear how much of Bruce Banner we'll actually get to see in the movie, with a storyline that follows Thor and Hulk on an epic cosmic road trip. We do know that Hulk will be donning his gladiator costume to fight in the arena, with some of Ragnarok's storyline taken directly from Planet Hulk. In one of the new photos shared by Mark on Instagram, we get to see the actor come face to face with his big green alter ego. He says this.

"Laugh now, cry later."

It has long been rumored that Bruce Banner and Hulk will have an epic showdown of sorts, as the Doctor tries to work through his rage issues and contain the green goliath. While Thor 3 has plenty more production days ahead of it, it isn't known how much more work Mark Ruffalo will have to put in in the future. The actor wasn't entirely in isolation, and got to work alongside Chris Hemsworth as production happened throughout July. In one of the recent set photos, Mark teases that Hemsworth is seen in full-costume, thought he's obscured by a hanging shirt. We also get to see him with the director, delivering this exchange.

"Waititi and "Ruffles" on the set of#Thor3: last day. Had such a great good fun time making this movie. Thanks @taikawaititi @chrishemsworth @tessamaethompson: @marvel for the love and the laughs.

As you can see in the below photos, Tessa Thompson also got to interact with Mark Ruffalo on set. She plays Valkyrie in the movie, a new addition to the cast. Thor: Ragnarok is shooting along the Gold Coast of Australia. Production is expected to fully wrap in late October or early November, with reshoots planned for 2017. The sequel will arrive in theaters November 3, 2017.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange