The premiere for Thor: Ragnarok was earlier this week and Mark Ruffalo joined Chris Hemsworth and many others at the premiere where he accidentally live streamed a portion of the highly anticipated MCU movie. This is the second substantial social media goof that Ruffalo has been personally responsible for in less than a week. Last weekend, the star let the cat out of the bag about a gigantic MCU photoshoot that was taking place by live streaming a portion of the event, showing off dozens of Marvel heavy hitters getting ready for their close up. And it appears that Ruffalo has done it again.

Mark Ruffalo attended the Ragnarok premiere earlier this week and decided to live stream from the red carpet, but he failed to turn it off before he went into the theater. He just inserted his phone into a pocket and apparently forgot about it. Around the first 10 minutes of the movie were then broadcast to over 2,500 followers, allowing viewers to listen to the audio from the Los Angeles premiere weeks before it hits movie theaters. Some wrote that it was "the most hilarious thing to happen in 2017," after Ruffalo then realized his mistake and turned off his phone.

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While most of the guests were asked to hand in their phones, Ruffalo did not have to surrender his phone. The theater collected viewer cell phones and put them into a bag for safe keeping to prevent any leaks from happening... Whoops. Reports of the stream's contents report high amounts of laughter at the action on the screen, as is pretty normal for a Marvel movie. Other reports suggest that Mark Ruffalo's Hulk character had yet to appear on the screen through what they could make out from the audio leak.

Thor: Ragnarok has been getting exceptional early reviews, with much praise going to the humorous direction of the movie as well as its soundtrack. The movie is reportedly hilarious from start to finish with a ton of action, which is to be expected. True reviews aren't allowed to be published until late next week, so we'll have to wait and see what the reviews reveal, but all of the initial response has been tremendous except for the very beginning of the movie. It turns out that Mark Ruffalo live streamed what many consider to be the worst part of Thor: Ragnarok.

If Marvel fans aren't following Mark Ruffalo yet, it's about time that they did. The actor seems to have no problem leaking little bits of top secret information as well as the beginning of one of the most anticipated MCU movies ever. Though the footage has since been scrubbed from the web, you can check out some screenshots from Ruffalo's followers as well as early reactions to the audio of the first 10-minutes of Thor; Ragnarok via The Best of Marvel Twitter page.