There has been no shortage of Thor: Ragnarok set photos or video since the movie started shooting in Queensland, Australia on July 4th. The production moved to Brisbane earlier this week, where the town is subbing for New York City. Each new batch of paparazzi leaked images is more intriguing than the next. And this latest sneak peek has certainly sparked a mystery.

The newest images coming from the Thor 3 set show Tom Hiddleston wearing parts of his new Loki outfit. And though we saw him earlier in an all-black suit, he will once again suit up in his signature green. Though, perhaps more exciting is the appearance of a mysterious young actress who has not been announced as part of the cast. She was shrouded in a purple cloak, which concealed her look and perhaps a big spoiler.

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Though they were also covered, it's obvious from these new photos that Chris Hemsworth's Thor and Tom Hiddleston's Loki will be pulling on their Asgardian costumes while visiting New York City, and some scenes are probably being shot out of order. Also on hand the last few days has been Anthony Hopkins, who resumes his role as Odin. Though, Odin has taken on the appearance of a street bum here.

The crew has been working overtime on the set trying to ensure that bystanders don't get a really good look at any of the costumes, and that goes double time for this new mystery actress. The scenes being shot are said to take place in a New York City alley. The Courier Mail claimed that the mystery woman in question was Cate Blanchett trying to hide her Hela costume. And at the same time, the Daily mail insisted that this was Jamie Alexander returning to reprise her role as Lady Sif. But upon closer inspection of the photos, it was quite obvious that it was neither actress.

The woman in purple could be playing Sif, with Jamie Alexander possibly needed on the set of Blindspot, with that hit NBC show gearing up for its second season this fall, but that is just speculation at this point. It's possible that we won't find out who this is, exactly, as it's reported that shooting has wrapped on the streets of Brisbane and has already moved back to the Gold Coast studios.

In one photo, a crew member is seen carrying to costumes. One is labeled 'Hi Dad', while the other is labeled 'Hi Mom'. While most assume the dad costume is for Anthony Hopkins' Odin, others are speculating that the Mom costume belongs to the mystery lady in question, who may be playing Gaea, Thor's biological mother. In the comics, she was an Elder God who arrived on planet Earth before any life appeared. She would later merge with Earth itself, but she still took on many human forms and sometimes appeared as a young woman with long black hair. Which is exactly what we see on set.

It may be weird to have Gaea appear in New York, and it has long been believed that Frigga is actually Thor's mom in the MCU. Thor 3 location manager Duncan Jones previously teased that there were going to be some big twists coming in this Phase 3 adventure. We have some of the photos here, but to see the mystery woman in question, you'll need to visit, as we're no allowed to show off these images.