It's been a pretty solid year for superhero movies so far, but there's still a couple of potentially great ones to look forward to. Next up is Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok, which has been getting a ton of buzz ahead of its November 3 release. Now, a new TV spot has surfaced online, detailing some of that buzz but, more importantly, it features the return of Anthony Hopkins' Odin, who has pretty much been absent from the marketing so far.

This Thor: Ragnarok TV spot mostly uses a lot of quick shots that we've seen in previous trailers. However, we do hear, via voiceover, and even see just a little bit of Odin. Though, he's got his back turned to Thor, so we don't actually get a good look at him. But he's here, and that's the important thing. Given where things left off at the end of Thor: The Dark World, it'll be interesting to see how Odin is handled this time around. Especially since not much has been revealed about him in the movie up to this point.

During production, via some set photos featuring Anthony Hopkins, and in thanks to the post-credits scene from Doctor Strange, we know that Odin winds up being banished to New York City for some reason. This leads Thor and Loki to try and find him, which leads to them getting an assist from The Sorcerer Supreme himself. Prior to this choice bit of footage, that's about all we knew regarding Odin in Thor: Ragnarok. So, even though this doesn't give us a lot, it is significant.

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Marvel has really ramped up the promotional campaign for Thor: Ragnarok lately and with good reason. The first round of reviews for the movie have been insanely positive, as the movie currently boasts a 98 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. For those keeping track, that's the best for any Marvel Studios movie to date, which is very impressive. That could, and likely will change as more reviews for the movie pour in but it's clear that Marvel Studios and director Taika Waititi made a crowd-pleasing movie. And it's likely going to pay off in a big way.

Up to this point, the Thor solo movies haven't been the most highly-regarded movies in the MCU and, as such, they haven't had the biggest opening weekends at the box office. That looks to change with Thor: Ragnarok. Currently, box office tracking has the movie making $100 million or more, which would be by far the best opening for any Thor movie, outside of The Avengers movies. It would also mean that all three movies Marvel Studios released this year will have made at least $100 million opening weekend, which is huge. While we wait for the movie to arrive, be sure to check out the new Thor: Ragnarok TV spot, courtesy of the TMC Trailers YouTube channel, for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott