The marketing for Thor: Ragnarok has officially kicked into high-gear. The third and final movie released of the year from Marvel Studios also looks like it has the potential to be the best, which is a bold statement considering that both Guardians of the Galaxy Vo. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming were released this year as well. Now, a brand new TV spot for Thor: Ragnarok has been released by Marvel that provides us with some awesome new footage, as well as revealing who the strongest member of The Avengers is, answering one of Marvel's biggest questions once and for all.

As we've seen in previous trailers and TV spots for Thor: Ragnarok, this movie is going to be a whole lot different than anything we've seen from the solo Thor movies previously. For one, it's going to be a lot funnier. Case in point, this TV spot sees the God of Thunder trying to access the flight system for a ship by declaring that he's the strongest Avenger. That doesn't go so well. However, when Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner gets on board, he's granted access almost immediately and is greeted as the "strongest Avenger." As one might imagine, that isn't great for Thor's ego, but it's pretty excellent for the viewer. We'll get to see them hash this out on screen, as the two are going to fight it out Planet Hulk style in the movie, which has been hyped up immensely.

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This is only a TV spot, but they really did manage to pack an awful lot into it. Aside from the great gag, there's also quite a bit of action and several great new shots. There's a little bit of Thor throwing down with Cate Blanchett's Hela, as well as Mark Ruffalo's Hulk going to blows with that giant wolf from the trailers. Thor: Ragnarok definitely looks like it's going to be a blend of action and humor that we simply haven't been treated to in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far.

Up to this point, the Thor movies haven't really been on the same level as many of the other solo movies in the MCU. That may change with Thor: Ragnarok. The early buzz on the movie has been absolutely excellent and, even though the full reviews haven't been released yet, it looks like this is easily going to be the most critically well-received of the Thor movies. And as we've seen with previous Marvel movies, critical acclaim tends to lead to box office success. It's early, but it appears that Marvel has yet another hit on their hands.

Director Taika Waititi is known for comedy and this is his first foray into blockbuster filmmaking. It looks like Marvel made the right choice by taking a chance on him for Marvel Phase 3. If we can get nearly two hours of jokes and action this good in Thor: Ragnarok, we're in for a treat. Be sure to check out the brand new TV spot for Thor: Ragnarok, courtesy of the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel, for yourself below.