Taika Waititi has announced a live Thor: Ragnarok screening party scheduled for tonight. The director is following in the footsteps of fellow Marvel Studios collaborator, James Gunn. Gunn hosted a live screening for Guardians of the Galaxy earlier this week and took questions from fans while revealing quite a bit of behind-the-scenes information. While the Guardians screening may have revealed a lot about the movie and the creative process behind making it, Waititi will more than likely have his own spin on the event.

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Thor: Ragnarok was not exactly what Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were thinking of when it first hit theaters. It's a creative blast of action and absurd Taika Waititi style comedy, with a solid storyline, though some fans either love it or don't like it all that much. Regardless, Waititi is going to take MCU fans on a wild journey this evening when he hosts the live screening of the movie. He had this to say in the caption of his crudely-drawn flyer for the evening.

"Tomorrow (Thursday April 9). INSTAGRAM LIVE. I'll be talking about this movie while it plays in the background. Also I tricked at least one special guest to join (they aren't in the movie). It's going to be EPIC!!!(ally boring). Check in tomorrow morning for the start time (spoiler it's 4pm PST). Also I spent 3 minutes drawing this flyer and that is not wine, it's tears of BLOOD."

The Thor: Ragnarok screening party starts today at 4pm Pacific Time, which is 7pm Eastern, and midnight in parts of Europe. As for who the special guest will be, that has yet to be announced, though Taika Waititi insists that it's not anybody from the movie, so don't expect to see Chris Hemsworth getting on Instagram Live tonight, though stranger things have happened. Chris Pratt tuned in during James Gunn's screening of Guardians of the Galaxy, so anything is possible.

However, this is Taika Waititi that we're talking about here. This isn't going to be a normal live screening event, which makes it all the more fun. The special guests could be the new sewing creations, which he just revealed on social media. Waititi unveiled a rabbit and a snake that he created while staying inside his home and joked that he was quitting the entertainment industry to focus on new sewing creations. So, don't be surprised if his special guest this evening is a rabbit or a snake.

Taika Waititi is currently preparing Thor: Love and Thunder. Since the world's current state of affairs has stopped the entertainment industry, the director has a lot more time on his hands to figure out some new ideas. Marvel Studios and Disney just announced a new release date slate and the Thor sequel has been pushed back a few months. As for what tonight will be all about, that is a mystery. One would think it would be all about Thor: Ragnarok, but Waititi marches to the beat of his own drum. With that being said, it will probably be very entertaining. You can check out Tauke Waititi's Instagram flyer for tonight's event below.