The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done a lot of things over the years, but it has somehow avoided a lot of serious relationship drama. There's some, certainly. A lot of, "do they like each other" type of stuff, but it isn't what one would call a staple of the MCU. However, Thor: Ragnarok is going to need to address the God of Thunder's status with Natalie Portman's Jane Foster. And it is going to do just that.

Screen Rant spoke with Chris Hemsworth during a set visit for Thor: Ragnarok and asked him about his relationship status in Thor. For starters, he is totally "smitten" by Tess Thompson's Valkyrie and in a very different way than he was taken with Jane Foster. It isn't that Hemsworth is throwing shade in Jane's direction, but they wanted to try and do something different this time around. Here's what he had to say about it.

"It's like Thor's meeting his hero! And he's absolutely smitten by her and because of her history, and being a Valkyrie and all of that. But she's also this beautiful woman so he's kind of caught off guard. And she can, you know, she could beat the s*** out of him if she wanted. So I think he hasn't come up against that very often. It certainly wasn't the case with Jane. There was a whole different affection and love there. So that was another, you know, 'How can we make that different from the previous one?'"

Natalie Portman has stated that she's pretty sure she's done with Thor, so that is going to need to be addressed. Introducing another love interest, who is totally different, is one way to do that. Valkyrie could be just what the Thor franchise needs. But how will Thor: Ragnarok actually address the relationship between Thor and Jane? According to Chris Hemsworth, they are going to have some respectable fun with it.

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"Umm, no we have this, we have some... some very respectable fun with how that relationship may have come to an end [laughs]."

It is interesting that he leaves it a bit ambiguous saying that the relationship "may have come to an end." But it also sounds like even this potentially emotional and dramatic bit of Thor: Ragnarok is going to fit in with the tone that we have been presented. Director Taika Waititi, based on every bit of footage we have seen and based on his sensibilities as a filmmaker, has made a very fun but action-packed movie with a whole lot of humor and lightheartedness to it. So instead of having some overblown, dramatic moment, they are going to poke fun at the relationship status with Jane Foster.

In truth, there probably aren't going to be a lot of MCU fans who miss Jane Foster all that much, but it is something that needs to be handled. And it sounds like they are handling it the right way. We'll be able to see soon enough once Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theaters on November 3.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott