With just a few short weeks left to go, its understandable that you might not want to hear anything else about Thor: The Dark World until you see the film for yourself. We already /thor-the-dark-world-gallery-with-over-30-new-photos/told you that the end credits will contain two scenes. One ties into a future Marvel movie, while the second is a callback joke to something seen earlier in the film (not unlike Marvel's The Avengers' Schwarma scene).

Today, we have some new information about these end credit stingers, or cookies as they are called in the business. Do not read any further if you want the mid-credit sequence to be a surprise.

Major Spoiler!

The mid-credit sequence for Thor: The Dark World sets up Guardians of the Galaxy, revealing a first look at a blonde haired Benicio Del Toro as The Collector. And guess what? Director Alan Taylor doesn't like it much. In fact, he wants fans to know that he had nothing to do with it, that he didn't direct it, and that he feels it does not fit the tone of his film at all.

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"I absolutely did not [direct it]. I am very happy to not take responsibility."

When asked if Guardians of the Galaxy's director James Gunn directed the sequence, Alan Taylor seemed hesitant to answer.

"I wouldn't blame it on James Gunn...Er... I wouldn't attribute it to James Gunn... it's clearly his sets and his characters...I am very happy not to take responsibility for that..."

What seems to be the problem with this footage that doesn't even last more than three minutes?

"It's a different tone. I would have shot it differently. But I think it's cool that it reaches out and touches that other universe. That universe is coming. The Guardians universe is really cool and wacky...But that sequence in the credits, I would say, is the only part of the movie where I'm happy to give the credit away..."

Knowing that Alan Taylor is unhappy with the footage, Marvel's Kevin Feige confirmed that James Gunn was responsible for it. And that it was shot very recently, within the past three or four weeks.

Should we be worried for Guardians of the Galaxy? Probably not, as this is a quick scene that ties into a much bigger world. And apparently, it's a world that's quite different from Thor: The Dark World.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange