Actress Kat Dennings, who reprises her Thor role Darcy Lewis in the upcoming sequel Thor: The Dark World, revealed that she is about to start some reshoots for the superhero sequel. Here's what she had to say, when asked about her expanded role.

"Yeah, yes. I mean I don't know how they edit anything, so who knows. I was careful in the first one to underplay everything in case they cut me out of it, but we're about to do some reshoots, so we'll see."
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The actress also spoke about how challenging it was to balance the shooting schedule with her CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

"It's been hard, but it worked out, thank God. I shot the second Thor movie at the same time as the show, so I would fly to London in between shooting. But I'm very happy I did it."

While she wouldn't say if her character appears on Asgard at all in this follow-up, she did talk about how Darcy Lewis was one of her favorite characters.

"She's actually one of the most fun characters I've ever played. I love her a lot and they always give her really fun things to do, so it's great."

We reported last week that the new trailer for Thor: The Dark World is debuting Wednesday, August 7, so stay tuned for that.