Marvel kicks off its Phase II sequels this summer with Iron Man 3 in May, followed by Thor: The Dark World in November. Actress Jaimie Alexander, who returns as Sif in this Thor sequel, recently spoke out about the follow-up, revealing it has a darker tone.

"It's going to have a bit of a darker feel, a lot more action. We get to explore different realms a lot more, and you get to see a lot more of Asgard. You get to know the people of Asgard."
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The actress also revealed that the relationship between Sif and Chris Hemsworth's Thor will be explored.

"We sort of explore the Sif/Thor relationship a little bit. It's more getting a feel of who these people are and how they are the way they are with each other. It was fun for me, and fun for Chris (Hemsworth). Him and I are almost like brother-sister types, so I was like, maybe that translates into 'They love each other' on camera. It's a little weird."

She also spoke about going into the vibe of this sequel, with a new director, Game of Thrones' Alan Taylor, at the wheel.

"That was hard, at first. I didn't know what to expect. I love (Thor director Kenneth Branagh) very much, and he is a huge staple in my life because he launched my career. I have to say, though, it's always great to work with new people, and Alan Taylor has brought a whole new vision to Thor. We've remained our own characters, obviously, so there's still that similarity between the first and the second one, but there's a darker feel to this one. A little bit more gladiator-ish, a little bit more Viking-ish. I'm really excited to see how it turns out."