Chris Hemsworth is currently shooting the highly-anticipated sequel Thor: The Dark World, directed by Alan Taylor. The busy actor recently sung the praises of his new director, who made several episodes of Game of Thrones. Here's what he had to say about how the filmmaker's sensibilities on the HBO series translate to the sequel.

"I love the way he adds an incredibly organic element to the fantastical world of Thrones, and I think that's what Thor could benefit from. It's grounded in reality, no matter how mythical or science-fiction-like it becomes. There's a truth to it all. Certainly, working with him now, you can see he doesn't want Thor or the Asgardians to seem like some distant race or god-like. He still wants them to be relatable."
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He also spoke about his process of getting into this superhero character, including his work with a voice coach.

"For Thor there's a lot of ongoing reading and rereading of the script. I have a guy that I work with a lot who's a voice coach, but also far more than that. We pull scripts apart and go into who these people are. His whole attitude of approaching a character is, instead of trying to mimic something or work out technically how you do that, it's more why does someone speak like that. What's in your personality or nature, or your past that has molded you into sounding like this? That then raises a whole lot of questions about the character - which is great. You do that all the way through the film, even afterwards it's hard to switch off sometimes."

The actor also talked about the decision to use a British accent for Thor, instead of speaking in his native Australian tongue.

"For whatever reason, it just seems to fit that world. Probably for no other reason than that it's the way it's been done in history. We associate Shakespearean speak [with god-like beings] because so many British actors have done it over the years. It resonates with the audience. Also, we had Anthony Hopkins, who is Welsh but has similar tones. I certainly couldn't play him as Australian because people would think, "That's Crocodile Dundee!"