Chris Hemsworth shared some Thor vs. Superman artwork from a fan on social media. The actor is out promoting the upcoming Men in Black: International and has stated he's taking a break from the entertainment business after the promotional campaign to spend some time at home with his family. However, after sharing the God of Thunder vs. the Man of Steel artwork, he might start to get a lot more questions about returning to work on a possible crossover movie.

Marvel Studios and DC aren't about to get together for a crossover event, but it's still fun to think about. Chris Hemsworth shared some fan art on social media teasing a battle between his Thor and presumably Henry Cavill's Superman with the hashtag: "send me the location." Hemsworth is obviously kidding around, but this is something that some hardcore comics fans might want to see on the big screen. Plus, it isn't without precedent. Just by looking at the comments, there's a lot of people who would like to see it and quite a few who believe the God of Thunder would come out on top.

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In 2003, Marvel Comics and DC Comics teamed up for the JLA/Avengers crossover event. It was a huge four-issue mini-series, which has been torn apart by comic fans for nearly 20 years now. In one of the issues, Thor and Superman battle and eventually become allies. They each win a battle against each other, taking them both by surprise. Superman even wields Mjolnir in the epic battle, but only because the God of Thunder grants him permission. Superman later compares fighting Thor to a black hole.

Since the comic crossover event wasn't very well-received, it's safe to assume that a big screen adaptation of the fight won't be happening any time soon. That still has not kept fans from wondering who would win if the two superheroes battled each other on the big screen. It's the same for Iron Man and Batman, or just about any rival superheroes between DC and Marvel. There are valid arguments for both sets of heroes, but it would ultimately come down to who was adapting the material for the big screen to decide. A draw seems like the most logical conclusion.

Chris Hemsworth is just having some fun with the idea of a Thor vs. Superman fight. However, he has just sparked the debate all over again and fans want to argue about who would win in said fight. Hemsworth obviously has his money on Thor, though others may have some other ideas about how it would all go down. Regardless, it's just something fun to think about and it might inspire some comic book fans to go back and re-read the JFA/Avengers crossover event comic series. You can check out the image from Chris Hemsworth's Instagram story below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick