Thor: The Dark World star Jaimie Alexander revealed at the Comickaze Expo in Los Angeles yesterday that she has been in early talks with Warner Bros. to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming superhero sequel Batman Vs. Superman. Take a look at this fan artwork with the actress as Wonder Woman, then read on for more information.

Wonder Woman fan art
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The actress reveals that she "kind of knows the story line for that movie" in reference to Batman Vs. Superman. Here's what she had to say about her interest in playing Wonder Woman.

"I'm a huge fan of Wonder Woman. I really think if this is the closest that we're ever going to get to Wonder Woman, then I'm proud to play Sif. I hope that other comic book entities can learn a lesson from Marvel in how to execute a female character the way it should be done....I really would like to one day see a Wonder Woman film or Wonder Woman character, but until it's done with class, I'd rather it not be done. I would love for DC to put Wonder Woman in one of their upcoming flicks, either in her own movie or Batman Vs. Superman, or just something even to introduce her. Being in the comic book world, we know a lot of the same people at DC and Marvel, so we hear a lot of things, but it's all speculation right now. But I would absolutely love that [Wonder Woman appearing in one of the upcoming films]. Thankfully and gratefully, I'm appreciative to the people who ask my opinion of the character, and that's been pretty amazing."

Last month, we reported that Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara revealed he wanted to put Wonder Woman in either a movie or TV show, and a casting call from September hinted that the female superhero might appear in this superhero sequel. We also reported in September that the studio was seeking a tall woman in her late 20s or early 30s to play Batman's love interest, which may or may not be Wonder Woman. The 29-year-old actress stands 5'9" tall and certainly meet's the studio's qualifications.

In addition, the actress revealed that a third Thor movie will happen if Thor: The Dark World performs well at the box office.

"I hope they enjoy the movie as much as we did making it, and I can only pray for strong numbers, because when there are strong numbers there's going to be a third one."

She also commented on how she would love to portray Sif in a spin-off film that centers on her character.

"I would love for there to be a spinoff film. I would absolutely say 'yes!' If the fans want it and there's a strong enough desire for it, it will happen. So, fingers crossed!"