The Daily Mail recently caught up with actor Tom Hiddleston, who is set to play Loki in the big screen adaptation of the popular comic book Thor. About the character, Hiddleston stated, "Loki's like a comic book version of Edmund in King Lear, but nastier. Loki's skilled in black magic and sorcery. He's a shape-shifter and has all sorts of super powers from the dark arts. He can turn clouds into dragons, things like that."

Thor will begin shooting in January. Between now and then, Hiddleston has to keep himself in shape. He stated, "(Director) Kenneth (Branagh) wants Loki to have a lean and hungry look, like Cassius in Julius Caesar. Physically, he can't be posing as Thor."

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In another interview, Cinefools talked with Thor co-writer Ashley Miller, who said about the project, "Thor is a comic book film in that it's based on the Marvel conception of the character as a super-hero. But there are definitely some big fantasy elements working behind that. He is the God of Thunder, after all. It's hard to approach the character without both of those things informing the work. Thor's powers are godly, yes. And his zip code is a little different. But at the end of the day, he's a man. In the comics, Odin sends him to Earth because he's not perfect. He's brash, arrogant. Even over-confident. As for realism...Does he throw his back out if he hurls the hammer a little too hard? Probably not. He's a god. He's incredibly strong. He can fly. He tosses lightning bolts. There's nothing realistic about any of that. But he also bleeds. He struggles. Life kicks him where it hurts the most. Dramatically speaking, the powers and Asgard are gravy. The meat -- and what makes it a Marvel movie -- is the character."

When asked which storylines inspired the script, Ashley said, "Certainly, Walt Simonson's take on the character greatly informs what we brought to the script although I wouldn't say we went to a specific story from his tenure on the book. We saw part of our job as taking all the many approaches to the character over the years (including the myths) and distilling them down into a form that worked for a two-hour movie. There's a tremendous amount of ground to cover, so inspiration has to come from everywhere."

Thor is set to open on May 20th 2011.