Writer-director Rob Zombie (Halloween, The Lords of Salem) has an all-new entry in his infamous "Firefly Family" franchise headed our way in early 2019, called Three from Hell. It's been a whopping thirteen years since we've seen these three psycho killers grace the big screen, and they are not the only ones returning from the second film as we already know Danny Trejo will be back this round as Rondo, and Daniel Roebuck is starring as Morris Green. But today Zombie let us all know that it looks like there is one more actor from Zombie's The Devil's Rejects joining the party this time around in Jossara Jinaro's Marie.

Jossara Jinaro and her Marie character might not immediately spring to mind when you think back on The Devil's Rejects but trust us, you know her. She is the maid that discovers Wendy Banjo's (Kate Norby) body hanging in the Kahiki Palms Motel slapped with the dead skin mask of her husband Adam Banjo played by Lew Temple. Hell, even if you haven't seen The Devil's Rejects I'm thinking you know Maria.

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After all, much of the film's marketing materials were built around the woman running and screaming away from the female Leatherface. But the real question here is what is she doing back for Three From Hell? I think the answer might be a bit obvious as much of the movie is teased to involve a court case or a series of court cases. I'd imagine we can expect to see her return on the witness stand as she is one of the few people to have survived the last movie. But I guess we'll see sometime later this year.

Last week, Rob Zombie announced that he was bringing quite a few 'bizarre' cameos to his Devil's Rejects follow-up, first showing off Chaz Bono from a scene in the movie. No character information was released at the time, but Zombie promised more surprises to come in the weeks ahead, and he certainly isn't disappointing fans. Shortly after telling the world he'd found a place for Chaz in his sequel, he secured some time with Rocky Horror Picture Show icon Barry Bostwick, who is fresh off his stint as Santa Claus in Spooky Dan's Christmas horror release Slay Bells.

Three From Hell actually wrapped way back in April of last year. But Zombie had to do a quick turn around and head out on the road for a massive and epic White Zombie tour. He decided to let the footage sit and stew for a few months before jumping back into the production process. Now, he's deep into the post-production process and will have a trailer for fans sooner than later. Though, he did show off a terrifying little teaser while he was out on the road.

Three From Hell doesn't have a release date at this time. But it's suspected it may drop sometime around Halloween, which will be perfect. Though, it may also make for a refreshing change of pace as a late holiday offering as well. We'll have to wait for more updates. Jossara Jinaro announced her participation herself, along with Zombie over on Instagram.

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