With just one more day until the release of the 3 from Hell trailer, director Rob Zombie has released a final sneak peek image from the movie. This time, he's revealed a new image of Baby Firefly, portrayed by his wife Sheri Moon Zombie. She appears to be surrounded by police officers and photographers and wearing a nice button-up shirt, perhaps heading into the courtroom where she will face trial for many murders. It's not very often we would see Baby looking so helpless and somber, but given the character's history, she'll certainly be all smiles once again when the Firefly family inevitably breaks free from custody to kill people once again.

Over the past week, Rob Zombie has been releasing multiple sneak peek images from the movie to hype the release of the trailer. Of course, the other Firefly family members have been included in previous photos, showing us new images of Otis (Bill Moseley) and Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig). Concluding the trailer countdown with Baby was certainly a good choice, as the character has long been seen as one of horror's fiercest females and is one of Zombie's most popular creations.

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We're waiting on the trailer to find out more information about the movie's plot, which hasn't been fully revealed as of now. What we can expect to see is the surviving Firefly family members return, still alive after the events of The Devil's Rejects where they were presumed dead. In sneak peek images, we have seen that they are now subjects of the legal system, forced to undergo trial for their crimes and potentially face the death penalty. Considering the movie's hard R rating and the promises from the cast that the movie will be incredibly graphic and violent, it's safe to assume the Fireflys escape from jail and band together to kill scores of people once again.

Sheri Moon Zombie has long been a mainstay in her husband's various projects as a filmmaker. This dates back to before Rob's first venture into Hollywood, as she had been featured in a large amount of his music videos as well. Sheri's movie career obviously began with his debut movie House of 1000 Corpses as the character she'll be reprising in 3 from Hell. She would later appear in both of Zombie's Halloween movies and the horror movie The Lords of Salem, more recently appearing as a protagonist in the Halloween horror 31.

We don't know an official release date for 3 from Hell just yet, but we are hoping the trailer will provide some new information on when we can expect to see it. It will also fill us in more on the plot and what to expect from the movie in terms of story. We've waited long enough for the trailer, so hopefully the premiere date for the movie itself isn't too much farther away. The new image of Sheri Moon Zombie in 3 from Hell comes to us from Rob Zombie on Facebook.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick