Disney's planned Three Men and a Baby remake for Disney+ is moving forward as screenwriter Will Reichel has reportedly signed on to write the script. Reichel previously wrote Frank Coraci's 2018 drama Hot Air, which starred Steve Coogan, Neve Campbell, and Taylor Russell. That movie follows a conservative radio host whose life completely changes when his teenage niece steps into his life, totally transforming his outlook on the world. That's not too far of a stretch from the concept of Three Men and a Baby, which might have played a role in Reichel getting the job.

The Three Men and a Baby remake was previously revealed as a part of the company's plans for Disney+ back in 2018, though it now seems to be finally gaining some traction after spinning its wheels for the past two years. It had been reported that the House of Mouse was looking to pad its streaming service with plenty of exclusive content, including remakes and reboots of popular Disney franchises from years past. That includes the live-action Lady and the Tramp remake and an upcoming sequel series to The Mighty Ducks along with this upcoming remake of the original Three Men and a Baby movie from the '80s.

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A short synopsis provided for the upcoming remake reads: "Life for an NYC bachelor and his two single friends is hilariously turned upside down when a girlfriend dumps a baby in his lap and disappears from his life forever." This is very similar to the premise of the original movie from director Leonard Nimoy (oddly enough) and screenwriters Jim Cruickshank and James Orr. Released in 1987, the movie starred Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson as three carefree bachelors living as roommates in New York tasked with caring for the lovechild of one of the characters when she literally shows up on their doorstep.

The original Three Men and a Baby was very successful at the box office, leading to the production of the 1990 follow-up movie. Called Three Men and a Little Lady, the sequel moves the story ahead a few years with baby Mary now a little girl. The series seemed to have ended there, though it was reported in 2010 that Disney was looking to make another sequel dubbed Three Men and a Bride, suggesting the potential movie would have featured Mary all grown up with her many fathers passing her off at the wedding. For better or for worse, the project apparently died in development hell, eventually morphing into this new plan for a complete remake.

Backing an original report from Geek Vibes Nation, The DisInsider also reports that the search is now under way for a director and the project will shoot later this year in Brooklyn, New York. Disney has yet to officially comment on the Three Men and a Baby remake's production and Reichel's involvement, so it's best to treat the reports as rumors at this time. Hopefully, we'll find out more information soon. The story might be getting rebooted, but here's hoping for some cameos from the original cast. This news was first reported by Geek Vibes Nation.