Michael Myers leads the charge as horror icons take a shot at Michael Jackson's iconic Thriller dance with some help from the Dead by Daylight characters in a new video, and the results are pretty hilarious. Who would've thought that The Shape from the Halloween franchise was a fan of the King of Pop? It appears that he is, because he has all of the moves and he does not miss a beat while tackling one of the most famous dances ever choreographed by Michael Jackson and Michael Peters.

Freddy Krueger is also present along with Leatherface, and while they're not leading the Thriller dance like Michael Myers, they're doing a good job of backing him up. In addition to the aforementioned horror icons, the video also features characters from the Dead by Daylight horror video game. The Doctor cuts a mean rug, and may be the second best dancer in the hilarious clip. The short video is a must-watch for horror fans and players who love the Dead by Daylight series.

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Thriller is a 14-minute horror themed music video from Michael Jackson, directed by John Landis. The unprecedented video is considered by many to be the best music video of all time and the Guinness World Records listed it in 2006 as the most successful music video, after selling over nine million copies. If that wasn't enough, Jackson's hit single is also constantly named the number one Halloween song every year. In 2009, Thriller was inducted into the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, which makes it the first music video to ever receive said honor, for being "culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant. Thriller returned to theaters for a limited IMAX 3D engagement last weekend, playing exclusively with Eli Roth's smash hit The House with a Clock in its Walls. Sadly, the run is over.

While we're probably never going to see Michael Myers do the Thriller dance ever again, he will be appearing on the big screen for David Gordon Green's Halloween, which hits theaters on October 19th. Horror legend John Carpenter is back as an executive producer and provided an updated score for the film as well. Carpenter, along with several others, agree that the new Halloween is the best movie in the franchise since the original, which has been a hot topic of debate my horror enthusiasts.

Robert Englund recently put on the old Freddy Krueger makeup for the upcoming Halloween episode of The Goldbergs. Seeing Englund back in the classic sweater with the iconic glove has fans wanting more, and the episode hasn't even aired yet. With that being said, it's pretty awesome to see Freddy get along with Michael Myers and Leatherface for long enough to dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller, even though it looks like Freddy could use some extra practice for next time. You can check out the horror icons along with the Dead by Daylight characters dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller below, provided by The Cult of Snax Noodle's Twitter account.