Thumbsucker: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Benjamin Bratt has joined the cast of Bull's Eye Entertainment's Thumbsucker. The movie is in production in Beaverton, Ore. Thumbsucker is an original comedic coming-of-age story about a confused teen named Justin Cobb, who is growing up in an extremely dysfunctional family. In trying to conquer his thumb-sucking habit, he is forced to turn to the only semi-sane people in his life -- a New Age orthodontist and a high school debate coach.

Weather Man:The Hollywood Reporterindicates that director Gore Verbinski is looking to join Nicolas Cage to take the temperature of a much more contemporary relationship. Cage and Verbinski are in negotiations to star in and direct, respectively, Escape Artists' The Weather Man. Written by Steve Conrad ("Wrestling Ernest Hemingway"), the project is described as being in the vein of About Schmidt and American Beauty. It's about a divorced Chicago weatherman up for a new job on a network morning show in New York. As he is preparing to leave for the Big Apple, he must make peace with his ex-wife and kids.

Pastoral: Lakeshore is taking on its third Philip Roth adaptation, picking up American Pastoral from turnaround and attaching Phillip Noyce to direct it, says Variety.

Dead: Oliver Hudson and John Stalberg's Workshed Entertainment has optioned remake rights to Bob Clark's 1972 feature film Dead of Night for Eli Roth [Cabin Fever] to direct. The film is about a young man killed in the Vietnam War. Through a series of circumstances, he is brought back to life as a zombie. When he returns home to his small town, his friends and family assume that he is shellshocked from the war and are unaware that he is a creature with a murderous lust for blood, reports The Hollywood Reporter.