Things have been very quiet on the ThunderCats front for some time, but many fans are holding out hope that the movie will happen some day. As it turns out, quite a few actors and actresses are hoping that it happens as well, because they want to take part in it. The latest actress to throw her hat in the ring is Milla Jovovich, who apparently has some interest in playing Cheetara.

The Resident Evil star recently spoke with We Got This Covered in order to promote her latest movie, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Milla Jovovich was asked what superhero she would maybe like to play since her big franchise is coming to a close. Though she momentarily forgot Cheetara's name, she expressed interest in being in the ThunderCats movie. Here is what she had to say about it.

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"You know, I've always loved Thundercats and I don't know, I heard they were making a movie and then they weren't making a movie, and I'm probably getting way too old to play Catra anyway. No! Cheetara! Cheetara. I think my time as Cheetara is probably done."

Milla Jovovich's confusion about what is going on with the live-action ThunderCats movie mirrors everyone's at the moment, because the project seems to be in development hell. Way back in 2007 it was announced that a CGI animated movie was going to get made, but that was eventually scrapped and was apparently never even formally greenlit by the studio. At one point, some alleged test footage from the project leaked online, but that wasn't quite enough to kickstart the movie. Still, rumors continue to persist about Hollywood taking a stab at ThunderCats, but at the moment, the ThunderCats are not go.

For those who may not know, ThunderCats was a very popular animated show from the late 1980s. The original run featured a very impressive 130 episodes and ran from 1986 to 1989. That is a lot of episodes in a relatively short period of time. The show centered on a group of cat-like aliens who have to leave their planet of Thundera and eventually make their way to a planet called Third Earth. They then became known as the ThunderCats and defended the planet from the evil Mumm-Ra and his random gang of mutants. It is no question a bizarre concept and in order for a movie to work, it would either have to be updated a bit or truly embrace the weird. Maybe if Power Rangers winds up crushing it at the box office someone still step up and finally get this thing done.

Most recently, Transformers director Michael Bay reportedly signed on as a producer for ThunderCats, but there hasn't been any real, official movement on the project. In addition to Milla Jovovich, actors like James McAvoy and Ed Skrein have also expressed desire to appear in the movie, so finding talent probably wouldn't be an issue. Even if Milla Jovovich thinks she is too old, all of that cat makeup would probably make it pretty difficult to tell how old anyone was, so there is still a chance she could wind up playing Cheetara. You can check out the full interview clip for yourself below.

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