Thundercats fans rejoice! Warner Home Video is going to be releasing Thundercats Season 2, Volume 1 to satisfy your taste for your favorite felines! Season 2 features some of the most action packed episodes the Thundercats have to offer.

Get ready for the first 34 episodes of the final season of Thundercats, filled with over 12 hours of action-packed adventures with Lyon-O, Cheetara, Panthro and friends with the DVD release of Thundercats Season 2, Volume 1 on April 18, 2006 from Warner Home Video (WHV). The final season of Thundercats features new friends, foes and battlefields as the Thundercats take on their final missions. With a run time of, approximately 748 minutes this six-disc collector set is available on DVD for the first time at $64.92 SRP and has a preorder date of March 15, 2006.

When a recurring vision torments Thundercats leader, Lion-O, he begins to realize that three Thunderians must have been spared during the destruction of Thundera! Lion-O and his friends quickly decide to execute a daring rescue mission which pits them against the villainous Mumm-Ra, who has strengthened his forces of mutants and broadened the range of his dark territories. In the end, Lion-O saves the spared Thunderians, but the cost is high: Mumm-ra grows more powerful and more determined to destroy the Thundercats!

"We are thrilled to be releasing the final season of this classic animated series," says Dorinda Marticorena, WHV Vice President, Kids and Sports Marketing, "not only for the enthusiasts but also to introduce it to new generations."

DVD Special Features

- The Rembrandt's Music Video: The Rembrandt's play their version of the ThunderCats theme song, one of the most memorable animation theme songs ever.

- The Music of Thundera Bernie Hoffer reveals the inspirations behind his ThunderCats music. Plus, a look behind the scenes at The Rembrandts making their musical contribution to the ThunderCats universe.

- Bernard Hoffer, Live: The ThunderCats theme song played live by the master musician who co-wrote it.

Technical Specs

- Languages: English

- Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

- Running time: 748 mins.

- Thirty-four 22-minutes episodes

- Rating: Not Rated

- Audio: DLBY/DGTL 5.1 [CC]

Episode Listing

Disc One

1. Thundercats Ho! Part 1

2. Thundercats Ho! Part 2

3. Thundercats Ho! Part 3

4. Thundercats Ho! Part 4

5. Thundercats Ho! Part 5

Disco Two

1. Mumm-Ra Lives, Part 1

2. Mumm-Ra Lives, Part 2

3. Mumm-Ra Lives, Part 3

4. Mumm-Ra Lives, Part 4

5. Mumm-Ra Lives, Part 5

Disc Three

1. Catfight

2. Pysch Out

3. The Mask of Gordon

4. The Md Bubbler

5. Together We Stand

6. Ravage Island

Disc Four

1. Time Switch

2. The Sound Stones

3. Day of the Eclipse

4. Side Swipe

5. Mumm-Rana's Belt

6. Hachiman's Honor

Disc Five

1. Runaways

2. Hair of the Dog

3. Vultureman's Revenge

4. Thundercubs, Part 1

5. Thundercubs, Part 2

6. Thundercubs, Part 3

Disc Six

1. Thundercubs, Part 4

2. Thundercubs, Part 5

3. The Totem of Dera

4. The Chain of Loyalty

5. Crystal Canyon

6. The Telepathy Beam

Evan Jacobs at Movieweb
Evan Jacobs