November 28 is going to be a Thunderous day for Warner Bros.!


Thundercats: Season Two, Vol. 2 explores Thundra, a world in crisis, in a distant galaxy.  The planet has become unstable and will collapse soon. The people of Thundra, known as Thundercats, flee the dying planet in their spaceship. During the flight their ship is damaged when they are attacked by evil mutants. The eldest aboard, Jaga, sacrifices himself to ensure that the ship lands safely to its destination: Third Earth.


The remaining Thundercats (Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, Wilykat, Snarf and Lion-O with the use of the magic of the Sword of Omens) form a headquarters at a place they name Cat's Lair. From there, they fight the evil mutants with the goal of saving themselves and restoring peace to Third Earth.


Meanwhile, the mutants have found a powerful news leader, Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living. This will not be an easy fight. Featuring new friends, new foes, and new battlefields, this awesome animated favorite roars with all 31 episodes of this cult classic delivering more then 12 hours of rousing adventure. The six-disc set of Thundercats: Season Two, Vol. 2, is the final release in the Thundercats series and a must have addition to every fan's collection!


DVD Features:

- Thundercats Ultimate Adventure - Follow along as you listen to the voice of Lion-O actor Larry Kenney and solve the mystery of Third Earth as you both make your way through the obstacles and advance to the final stage.

- Trailers

Technical Specs:

- Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Action / Adventure

- Closed Captioned: Yes

- Spanish Availability: Spanish and French subtitles

- Running Time: Approx. 682 Minutes (Plus 20 Minutes Extra Content)

- Audio Status: English Audio