Ahead of her return as Veronica in the upcoming sequel Clerks 3, Clerks star Marilyn Ghigliotti will portray a gypsy in the new comedy movie Thursday the 12th. Aiming for a theatrical release this summer, the movie was originally scheduled to be released in April before theater closures and production delays brought about a change in plans.

Director Brad Leo Lyon also plans to be present at various screenings of the movie across the United States to participate in Q&A sessions with viewers after the movie plays, though the official road show tour dates have yet to be revealed due to what's been happening lately in the world.

Aside from featuring Marilyn Ghigliotti in a notable role, the View Askew influence in Thursday the 12th also feels apparent with its story. The movie follows Seth Franco (director Brad Leo Lyon) and James Rogen (Brian Sutherland, Z Nation), a pair of slackers pushing 30 and still working the same jobs at the mall that they had in high school. On the week of Friday the 13th, the duo comes to believe they've been cursed by a gypsy named Morgan (Ghigliotti).

Also featured in the movie is sitcom star Todd Bridges as Mr. D, an ambitious mall manager pulling double duty by working as a general manager at two of the mall's stores.

Fans of Kevin Smith movies should particularly enjoy seeing Ghigliotti in the movie. Appearing in Smith's very first movie Clerks back in 1994, Ghigliotti established herself as an important part of View Askew canon very early on. She has since returned to the fold by appearing as herself in Smith's 2019 movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, and it's already been confirmed that this won't be the last we'll be seeing of Ghigliotti in Smith's movies, either. Also last year, Ghigliotti verified Smith has written her into the upcoming sequel Clerks III to reprise the role of Veronica, meaning we should be getting an on-screen reunion between Dante Hicks (Brian O'Halloran) and his ex-girlfriend.

While nothing can replace Friday the 13th, it's fun to have companion movies to the classic horror series with other movies set on the surrounding days. The horror-comedy movie Saturday the 14th serves as regular viewing for many horror fans the day after having a Friday the 13th marathon on real-life Friday the 13th dates. A fun movie called Thursday the 12th can give many of us something else amusing to check out the day before. Needless to say, I'll be keeping my eye out for this one's release.

As noted above, Thursday the 12th is gearing up for a theatrical release with plans to begin showing in June, and director Brad Leo Lyon will be touring the movie with a road show in various theaters in the United States. Of course, plans can always change moving forward, depending on what happens with the movie theater business and how soon they'll all start opening their doors again. For now, you can check out some photos of Ghigliotti and Bridges in the movie below, and you can find out more information about the project and other movies from the official website for Lyon Productions.

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