Warehouse 13's second season is currently airing on the Syfy network, with new episodes debuting on Tuesday nights at 9 PM ET. Episode 2.09 Vendetta airs this Tuesday, August 31 and will feature Paula Garcés and Tia Carrere in guest-starring roles. Paula Garcés and Tia Carrere recently held a conference call to discuss their involvement on this upcoming episode and here's what they had to say:

I was wondering, the two of you being paired together on this call, does that imply that there's going to be some sort of love triangle with Pete coming up or what exactly is behind that?

Paula Garcés: Oh my God. Oh well that would be an amazing honor for myself. I am definitely a Tia Carrere fan and have been for a very long time. So for me it would - that would...

Tia Carrere: Oh my gosh.

Paula Garcés: That would be amazing on many levels.

Tia Carrere: No, thank you. We don't know. I don't know. Maybe they just wanted to give you two hot chicks at the same time. How's that?

Cool I'm all for that.

Tia Carrere: Albeit from two different generations so maybe we sleep with all of you.

Can you talk about how you came to work on Warehouse 13, like if there - you are - if you auditioned or maybe you were offered the part?

Paula Garcés: I was offered the part and it was a lovely surprise and I'm glad I took the offer because everyone was just super welcoming and nice. And the whole concept of Warehouse 13 was just amazing to me and I'm a true fan, like I was watching it. So to be offered something that I was actually watching and wanted to be a part of, it was really cool for me.

Tia Carrere: Well I had gone in for another role and I guess this role came up and they said this is much better for you so that's how I got this one.

So what's your fave - both of you, what's your favorite part about working on the show?

Tia Carrere: Gosh, I just love the chemistry, the chemistry of the people you're working with, there are only so many stories, there are only so many, you know, story lines and, we've all worked many different places in the world but it's the group of people that you work with that makes it fun and enjoyable at 2:00 o'clock in the morning, like Paula said she had to work at 2:00 o'clock in the morning. It's really about the leads on the show and the show runners and the producers that you're dealing with on a daily basis. And they have such a great group of people together, I loved working with them.

Paula Garcés: Yes. I guess I can second that. And I really felt the passion about the show and about the stories from everyone. Everyone from the crew, the writers, the creators, the actors on the show, they're all very passionate about what they're doing and the stories that they're trying to create and how they're trying to entertain their public. And they really love working there and being together that it's infectious. The vibes on set is infectious and I really enjoyed it and wanted - I left wanting more. I left wanting to work on it more so it was really great.

Tia Carrere: You know what Paula? I do agree. I think they didn't settle for just like the same old thing. You know what I mean? They really - everybody wants 110% in the writing, in the production and the acting of it. You're right.

Paula Garcés: Yes. And I also felt that Warehouse 13 was trying to bring something new to the Syfy, something new that wasn't done before for Syfy. And I feel like they're doing that. I really - I feel like they are definitely accomplishing something different.

I just wanted to know what do each of you like best about the characters.

Tia Carrere: I don't know. I mean I like being a ballsy broad. Like I said, the dialogue is very Hepburn and Tracy. And I challenge him and I know his bag of tricks and I call him out on it. And I like that. I love playing strong willed women.

Paula Garcés: I like the fact that Kelly is sweet and sassy but is also open to romance and I don't know. I just - I feel like the dialogue that was written for me was very much taken from the way I speak myself naturally. And I really felt comfortable. I felt like I could just be and just let the words take me where they would or where the moment would take me. And so I really like that about the character, the fact that she's a free spirit and that she's smart, that she loves animals, that she's well educated but again open to being in love and being in a relationship. I really like that.

Paula you mentioned that you've watched it before you got on the show, did you have a favorite episode before you joined it?

Paula Garcés: I really loved the pilot. That's what hooked me in. I loved everything about it. The pilot was just so different from anything I had ever seen on Syfy before that I was like wow that's really cool that Syfy is stepping it up and doing something different. And again, I just think both Eddie and Joanne are really amazing and bring a great chemistry to the show. And Saul and definitely of course Allison with just being so smart and so quick with what she's given, with the words that she's having to say that I really give it up to the cast and the writing and the producers of the show to bring something new to Syfy. So again, one of my favorite episodes is the pilot. I really loved the first show.

Tia, I wanted to know did your time on Relic Hunter help you buy into the whole artifact idea on Warehouse 13.

Tia Carrere: Well it certainly gave me a shorthand with - actually even Saul Rubinek, he made the connection. He said Tia you've been on all - he interviewed me on set I think for Syfy's Web site. And he said Tia you've been on all three shows that shot here in Toronto that handled magical relics and icons. I said what's that Saul? He said you were on Friday the 13th the TV series, Relic Hunter and now Warehouse 13. And while they all handle, you know, magical power, you know, powerful magical objects, they're all very different shows. And, it keeps getting better and better because I have to say I really like the fact that they framed it in a government warehouse which is very, very plausible in this day and age. And I love that they're these two feisty secret agents that, you know, are a little bit bikersins and a little bit brother and sister. And it just makes it refreshing and fun.

Following up on the artifact questions that other people have been asking, we're wondering if you could pick any artifact to be in an episode that you're going to be on, anything in the world, what would you pick?

Tia Carrere: Hmm. I'd let them pick from the clothes from the Helen of Troy. No. Then I could get anything I want at all. I don't know. I don't know.

Paula Garcés: An artifact, hmm. I don't know. It would have to be something, oh God, I don't know. God that's a great question. I don't know, maybe like the Mayan calendar or maybe like the Tree of Life or Fountain of Youth or something to that effect definitely.

Tia Carrere: I'm so like traditional, like they're Helen of Troy's clothes or...

Paula Garcés: And me I want to live for - I want to live and be young forever. What does that do on me?

Tia Carrere: No. You have the Fountain of Youth. Hey the Fountain of Youth that's a good one. That's a good one. And then let's see, specify...

Paula Garcés: I don't know, I'm interested in ancient civilizations in South America and in Central and South America, so I would say my number one pick would be the Mayan calendar.

Tia Carrere: Casanova's Book of Love would be fun to work through.

It seems like both your characters are real tough cookies and so it seems like Pete is attracted to these type of women. What do you think they see in him?

Tia Carrere: He's just a lovable doll. He's just like - he's playful. He's like a playful puppy dog. That's what Eddie's like in real life and that's what he's like on TV. And how can you not love that, you know, when you're so serious. You need somebody to show you some levity in life.

Paula Garcés: Well if he's a playful puppy dog then I think that's perfect for why Kelly would love him because he is a vet and of course she loves puppies. So if that's the vibe that he's putting out there to girls, I'm sure that's why Kelly likes him. And then it's also his sense of humor. He's very much a guy's guy, you know, but there's something sweet and funny about him and kind of geeky and nervous. So I think also the fact that he's not so, that he's not tough and mean I think is also just something that's adorable to women.

Tia Carrere: Yes. He doesn't have to prove himself, that's why.

Paula Garcés: Yes.

Tia Carrere: Yes, he just is. He's cool like that.

My question for you both is I wanted to find out how you feel about this strong push lately with a lot of strong female characters in the sci-fi realm.

Tia Carrere: I think in every realm. You know, I've often thought that the more that women became a force economically and the more women that get into, you know, positions of power in the business, that it would just naturally be reflected in the shows that we see on TV. I think, the last time we saw really strong female characters like this was, I don't know, with, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and all that. But, back then they were like sort of evil and arch and way too tough. But I think it's come back around again where women are represented the way that we are. You know, women war heroes that go out there and raise our families and earn our livings and, you know, we're not shrinking violets because we can't be.

Paula Garcés: You know, now that I'm a little more aware of the business side of acting, of creating my own shows and producing and sort of creating opportunities for other people that I admire and want to make sure that they have a platform to shine, I've just learned a lot from friends who work at various networks, who work in marketing and work in the economic side of the spectrum and have just really that - a lot of the way that TV is paying their bills is through women's advertising and companies that want to advertise towards woman. Those are the companies that are paying the bills. And in knowing that, that just gave me a lot of information and just gave me self-awareness and self-power that yes, that women do count and women are paying the bills. So I don't think anybody should really second guess that, the fact that there are a lot of companies out there that are really interested in the women who are spending money. And let's not kid ourselves. All women spend money, whether it be beauty products or products that take care of their children and their family or any, you know, technology, cars, everything that pays the bills on TV is what women are buying. So I will never forget that lesson from a couple of executives at a couple of networks. And now I have that in mind all the time.

I just wanted to ask, will your characters will be meeting in any of the upcoming episodes of Warehouse 13?

Tia Carrere: We'll have to leave that to the mind of Jack Kenny, the show runner. I leave it in his capable hands.

Paula Garcés: That's right. I don't know. I mean I don't see why they couldn't and I don't see why it wouldn't be a lot of fun. I mean it'd definitely be a lot of fun for me.

Tia Carrere: That'd be so awesome. That'd be great.

Paula Garcés: I think, yes, and I think - I don't know. I think fans would really love that so let's put that out there.

Tia Carrere: Okay. I'll manifest it.

Well since your characters are both kind of love interests of Pete, which one do you think - both of you, do you think would - should end up with him?

Tia Carrere: Oh dear. Myka's probably going to end up with him. Let's be honest.

Paula Garcés: I don't know. That's a hard one.

Tia Carrere: My votes on Myka.

Okay. So is it - both of you are voting for Myka then.

Paula Garcés: Yes. I think so.

Tia Carrere: I don't know. What do you think Paula?

Paula Garcés: No I agree. I agree.

Tia Carrere: But that would have to be like Season 5, you know, where they jump for sharks and stuff.

Both your characters have been caught in the middle of the Warehouse 13 adventure, but also both your characters don't exactly have a full (inkling) of what's going on. How do you think they would actually react if they learned the true nature of what Micah and Pete are actually doing, you know, with all these artifacts?

Paula Garcés: I would love to answer that question but I don't want to give up too much information of my coming episode. I will tell you that very question will definitely be dealt with by the Kelly character. She's definitely going to be conflicted to that.

Tia Carrere: Well being that I'm also an agent, Agent Kate Logan, I think over the course of the couple of episodes that I've seen so far, she's pretty savvy and she's getting the drift of it. And I think more and more the picture's coming together of what Pete and Micah do. And it kind of freaks her out but it also intrigues her. She's standing her ground and waiting for the whole story to unfold before her. I don't think she's shying away from it at all.

Is there something that you would like to see in the future of your characters? I mean I know you talked about meeting up, but beside that just anything like if you could write, you know, the script yourself?

Paula Garcés: I wouldn't mind them meeting. That would be cool, Tia's and my character meeting. It would be kind of a sweet awkward cool moment. And I don't know. Tia what would you like your character to be doing?

Tia Carrere: That would be interesting, like what if we both had to come back because it was an icon that had to do with the love that he has for people or whatever. And then we have to come back to counteract its sort of, you know, some sort of magical power that this thing has over his mind, you know what I mean, and I have to reach out to him by going into his mind or something.

Paula Garcés: Yes, like an artifact that makes him think about his past loves or...

Tia Carrere: Yes. Yes. That'd be kind of cool.

Paula Garcés: We have to save him.

Tia Carrere: Yes. We have to save him, exactly, by going into his mind and seeing what he thinks about us and what he fanaticizes about us. Ooo. It's very matrix.

Paula Garcés: Yes. Absolutely.

Well it sounds definitely like you guys have a lot of fun on the show with the cast and everything. Is there any like funny moments that you guys can think of or maybe people are playing pranks or, you know, just something kind of funny you can remember from the set?

Paula Garcés: Something funny.

Tia Carrere: I don't know this is (tele con) but a food bank.

Paula Garcés: No, let's see. Eddie and I have a pretty physical scene coming up. And he's kind of fighting for his life with me. And, you know, Eddie was trying to be all like macho and thinking he could do his own stunts. And he kind of got hurt in the groin area.

Tia Carrere: No.

Paula Garcés: Yes. And he was like, all right, I think I should have had a stunt double. And I'm like yes, well you're trying to show off for the girls or something.

Tia Carrere: Oh gosh. Like I said, I mean, things like kissing somebody and ending up with, you know, scrambled egg in your mouth. That's kind of traum...That's like a one story that stands out. Oh gee, what can Eddie out of - I don't - he's just - he's a ton of laughs. He's just really cool to hang out with, you know. I got to see him and his family in LA a bit since we've all came back and just, you know, just good times, just generally good times laughing often.

Warehouse 13's brand new episode Episode 2.09 Vendetta, which features guest stars Paula Garcés and Tia Carrere, debuts on Tuesday, August 31 at 9 PM ET on the Syfy network.