Earlier this month, it was reported that Amazon Studios and The Tick creator Ben Edlund were finally moving forward on a reboot of the cult classic series. Though, the original cast wouldn't be returning as originally planned. At the time, it wasn't known who would be stepping into replace Patrick Warburton, who played the lead character. Now, Deadline reports that British comedian Peter Serafinowicz is going to slide into that big blue suit.

The Tick first hit the small screen as an animated series in 1994, based on Ben Edlund's extremely popular cult comic. The creator himself was behind the live-action series that debuted on Fox in 2001. He will be back to write and executive produce this new take on the property. Original executive producer Barry Josephson is also back, working alongside original studio Sony Pictures Television.

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In this new version of the show, Peter Serafinowicz will play the muscle-bound superhero with the antennae. Still wearing his ever-present blue superhero suit, the man is recovering from a recent bout of memory loss. He re-teams with his old sidekick Arthur, who will be played by newcomer Griffin Newman. Together, they will continue to fight crime.

The duo will be surrounded by a new host of characters not seen in the original The Tick. These include Arthur's sister Dot, played by Valorie Curry. Though he won't be able to appear in front of the camera, Patrick Warburton is coming back as an executive producer. And at this point, a cameo from the original Tick himself can't be ruled out.

Wally Pfister, who made his directorial debut with Transcendence after working as the cinematographer on Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy, will direct the pilot episode. He obviously knows a thing or two about shooting superheroes.

The Tick was created by an 18-year-old Ben Edlund as a newsletter mascot for New England Comics, a chain of Boston comic book stores. The comic book chain financed an independent run of comics in 1988 which spanned nine issues, which lead to The Tick animated series that ran for three seasons on Fox from 1994 to 1997, which featured the title character and a number of other heroes fighting crime in their fair city. Fox then brought a live-action TV series to the small screen in 2001, starring Patrick Warburton, but it was cancelled after just nine episodes.

Ben Edlund most recently served as a producer and writer on Fox's Gotham, and he has also worked on Supernatural and Revolution in recent years. Griffin Newman currently stars as Casper on HBO's Vinyl and Valorie Curry recently had roles on House of Lies and The Following. What do you think of Peter Serafinowicz taking over the iconic character?