Back in 2014, rumors surfaced that Amazon Studios and The Tick creator Ben Edlund were in talks to bring the cult classic series back, which would have Patrick Warburton reprising his role as the title character. Deadline reports that, nearly a year and a half later, Amazon Studios has ordered a pilot episode for this reboot, although Patrick Warburton won't be back as the title character. The actor currently stars on NBC's new comedy series Crowded, which debuts on March 15, so he won't be available to star in the pilot. But he will be on board as an executive producer.

The site reports that Griffin Newman and Valorie Curry have come aboard to star as siblings Arthur and Dot Everest in The Tick, although the title character has yet to be cast. Wally Pfister (Transcendence) is in talks to direct the pilot episode from Ben Edlund's script. Casting for the title character is currently under way. David Burke played The Tick's sidekick Arthur Everest in the original series, but Dot Everest appears to be a brand new character, since she hasn't appeared in the series or the comics they were based on.

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The Tick was created by an 18-year-old Ben Edlund as a newsletter mascot for New England Comics, a chain of Boston comic book stores. The comic book chain financed an independent run of comics in 1988 which spanned nine issues, which lead to The Tick animated series that ran for three seasons on Fox from 1994 to 1997, which featured the title character and a number of other heroes fighting crime in their fair city. Fox then brought a live-action TV series to the small screen in 2001, starring Patrick Warburton, but it was cancelled after just nine episodes.

This new series will feature The Tick suffering from memory loss, and he ends up re-teaming with Arthur Newman to fight crime in the city. Arthur Newman was deemed a schizophrenic, after he made wild statements about plans to rule the city, although no one believed him until he met The Tick. Dot is described as a nurse who "loves her brother to death but worries about him." This new report states that The Tick and Curry will be surrounded by a new group of oddball heroes.

Ben Edlund most recently served as a producer and writer on Fox's Gotham, and he has also worked on Supernatural and Revolution in recent years. Griffin Newman currently stars as Casper on HBO's Vinyl and Valorie Curry recently had roles on House of Lies and The Following. Who do you think should play The Tick in this new Amazon series?