Welcome to our new web series: Ticket or Skip It. Reporting from his room aboard the USS Echo, a small submarine conducting biological research in the Atlantic Ocean, comes reviewer Corey Wood, who has agreed to grace us on a weekly basis with an update of all the new films hitting cinemas around the world (which he gets to watch via satellite in a private screening room aboard this seafaring vessel). Watch as Corey sinks Universal Pictures and Hasbro's sci-fi action thriller Battleship!

"If you've seen Transformers you've seen Battleship. These films are nearly identical. Battleship does nothing new. It brings nothing to the table. I feel like I've seen this movie one thousand times before! It's really nothing..."

This week, Corey takes a look at the summer wannabe blockbuster Battleship, which stars Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, and Rihanna as part of a Naval fleet under attack by an invading alien force. Check out Ticket or Skit it Episode 2: Battleship to watch Wood rant about the film's boring concept before proposing his own board game ideas to Hollywood. Then maybe you'll know if you want to: Ticket or Skip It!