Welcome to our new web series: Ticket or Skip It. Reporting from his room aboard the USS Echo, a small submarine conducting biological research in the Atlantic Ocean, comes reviewer Corey Wood, who has agreed to grace us on a weekly basis with an update of all the new films hitting cinemas around the world (which he watches via satellite in a private screening room aboard this seafaring vessel). Watch as Corey professes his undying love for the 'greatest comic book movie of all time', Marvel's The Avengers.

"Everything about this is just sweet and awesome. Everytime I see it, I enjoy it more and more. I have seen the movie once in IMAX, twice in 3D, and once in 2D digital. Even in 2D digital, I loved it just as much. I could watch this movie on bootleg and still enjoy it! This is the best film of 2012 so far!"
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This week, Corey spends most of his waking hours sitting in a movie theater, watching Marvel's The Avengers over and over again with a big boner under his raincoat. Check out Episode 1.05: Marvel's The Avengers, then decide for yourself if you want to Ticket or Skip It!