Lawrence Blume has signed on to direct Tiger Eyes, the beloved young adult novel written by his mother Judy Blume, with whom he co-wrote the screenplay.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tiger Eyes marks the first Judy Blume novel to be translated to a feature film.

Written in 1981, Tiger Eyes tells of a teenage girl whose family is forced to move in with relatives in New Mexico after her father is killed in a convenience story robbery. She meets an American Indian teen named Wolf, whose father is a terminally ill patient in the hospital at which the girl volunteers. Together they help overcome her fear and grief.

Judy Blume revealed that when she first wrote the story, it was primarily about a family relocating to a new town -- as she did when she moved with her teenage children to Los Alamos, N.M. But it later occurred to her that the novel was her subconscious way of dealing with her memory of her father, who also died suddenly.

No production date has been set.