Tiger King star Carole Baskin tried to get in the new Justin Bieber music video, but was denied. Bieber and Ariana Grande collaborated on a new song titled "Stuck With U," and asked fans to submit homemade clips for inclusion in the video. The music video will premiere later tonight, but it will not include the footage that Baskin sent in, though Bieber posted her portion on his Twitter account earlier today.

Carole Baskin and her current living husband sent in a video to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. In the footage, the Tiger King couple can be seen dancing to "Stuck With U," while wearing animal print robes and tiger hats. For added imagery, the two are dancing with their cat and it looks just as weird as you can imagine in your head right now. According to Baskin, Bieber's "friends" reached out to her to submit the video. It's not clear why Bieber and Grande decided against using the footage.

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In the end, Carole Baskin isn't too worried about the whole thing and is happy Justin Bieber shared the clip on his Twitter account. She just hopes that "it doesn't attract too many of the haters who have been bashing us since being misled by Tiger King." As of this writing, the clip has been seen over 680.8 thousand times and attracted quite a lot of comments. Even Ariana Grande decided to chime in on the video that Bieber shared. "For the record, I did not allow or approve this clip to be in the actual video. But. Nonetheless. It exists and that's ..... unique."

"Unique" is one way of describing the Carole Baskin video clip. It's completely understandable why Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande decided to stay away from the Baskin video. For one, Tiger King is still massive and including Baskin could bring a lot of unwanted attention to the pop stars, especially those of which are animal rights activists. Though Baskin claims to be looking out for tiger safety, she has them locked in cages, just like her former archnemesis Joe Exotic. Secondly, there's a lot of people who are under the impression that Baskin fed her ex-husband to the tigers, even though it's never been proven.

2020 has been a wild year so far and Carole Baskin is definitely a big part of the pop culture aspect of things. Tiger King landed on Netflix at the right time and became a worldwide sensation. Not even Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande can compete with that, and they know it. Baskin is a force of nature and just thinking about her and her husband dancing in tiger robes to a new Bieber jam is right on the money for this current timeline we're living in. You'll have to wait to see the full music video until this evening, but you can check out the footage Carol Baskin provided above, thanks to Justin Bieber's Twitter account.