Netflix's Tiger King was back in the news again earlier this week after cadaver dogs thought they sniffed out some human remains on Joe Exotic's former property. Exotic had to give up the zoo to his old pal Jeff Lowe, who now has to turn it over to the infamous Carole Baskin. For many, it seemed as if the Tiger King saga was officially over. Lowe giving the place over to Baskin was thought to be the nail in the coffin, though it appears the 15 minutes of fame isn't over just yet.

While shooting an episode of Zak Bagan's Ghost Adventures at the Wynnewood, Oklahoma zoo, cadaver dogs located what authorities believed to be human remains in the alligator pit. The Garvin County Sheriff's deputies and agents were brought on the scene with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Agents spent the night digging and after a thorough investigation, Sheriff Jim Mullett revealed that no human remains were found. Joe Exotic had mentioned on the Tiger King series that ashes of people who wanted to be buried at the site have been spread over various locations, though it's not clear if this is what the dogs picked up.

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This is probably a welcome relief to Joe Exotic, who is currently spending the next 23 years of his life behind bars. It's also great news for Jeff Lowe and Carole Baskin, because that just sounds like another king size Tiger King problem that would make for an excellent addition to a part 2 of the series. It's unclear what Baskin is going to do with the land, which was just awarded to her.

Jeff Lowe has claimed many times before that people have been killed at Joe Exotic's old zoo, which was a centerpiece of the Netflix series. "When you walk in here at night it's the creepiest place ever," Lowe said, claiming there are "ghosts" of others who have allegedly been killed on the site. Tiger King viewers all know that Exotic's former husband Travis Maldonado accidentally shot himself in the head on the site. With that being said, Lowe also claims he's happy to hand the property over to Baskin, noting that they were going to leave it exactly how they found it.

When describing the property, Jeff Lowe says, "There are 20-year-old, rusty cages. Carole's going to walk into a park that's in serious need of a complete rebuild." He add, "It's one of the reasons we want to get out of here... It's going to be overgrown as hell!" Viewers of Netflix's Tiger King may want the show to finally go away from pop culture, but there is still the mystery of Carole Baskin's late husband, who went missing.

Many believe she had him killed and fed him to her tigers, though she has denied this multiple times over the years. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. TMZ was the first to report on the possible human remains found on Joe Exotic's former property.