Cardi B believes that Tiger King star Joe Exotic was set up. The rapper wants to set up a GoFundMe in an effort to help him out, which she announced on social media. Since most of the world is practicing social distancing, a lot of TV shows and movies are being consumed. Netflix just happened to drop Tiger King at the right time and it has captivated the world in a span of weeks. Cardi B just binge watched the series and has become enamored with Joe Exotic and his wild lifestyle.

Joe Exotic is currently in prison and looking for a pardon from President Donald Trump. He was convicted earlier this year of two counts of murder-for-hire, eight violations of the Lacey Act and nine of the Endangered Species Act, resulting in a sentence of 22 years in federal prison. Cardi B believes that the Tiger King star was set up and that he should be free to go. She says, "Bout to start a GoFundMe account for Joe. He shall be free."

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Cardi B has yet to set up the aforementioned GoFundMe for Joe Exotic, which means she probably won't get around to doing so. She received a lot of mixed reactions to her love of the Tiger King on social media, with more than a few bashing the rapper for taking his side. There were also plenty of people on Joe Exotic's side who also claim that Carole Baskin fed her ex-husband to some tigers since he has never been found. As proven in the docuseries, Joe Exotic remains to be a controversial character.

Cardi B spent a lot of time tweeting out her reactions to Netflix's Tiger King, going as far as to share a meme insinuating that Carole Baskin fed her ex-husband to her tigers. "They did Joe dirty over and over again," she said on Twitter. When one particular fan gave her grief for siding with Joe Exotic, the rapper said, "I Stan him... Leave me alone." Like most of the world, Cardi B is obsessed with Mr. Exotic and the crazy life he leads, which hasn't stopped since he arrived in prison.

Most of the world is spending a lot of time indoors and Cardi B is one of the many turning to TV and social media for entertainment. She has been very outspoken about the world's current state of affairs and has been critical to Donald Trump's response. But, she put that all on hold over the weekend to get deep into Netflix series Tiger King and she appears to be pretty shaken by what she saw. With that being said, it looks like she's already on to something new. You can check out Cardi B's Twitter account for her love of Joe Exotic and the GoFundMe page idea.

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Kevin Burwick