Few pieces of media have caught the imagination of the public the way Netflix's seven-part docuseries Tiger King did earlier this year. The flamboyantly bizarre characters, the fascinating backdrop of big cat ownership, and the murky nature of the crimes the series documents have got regular audiences and celebs alike hooked. Now, Tara Reid's manager and business partner, Philippe Ashfield, has confirmed to PEOPLE that the actress is being considered by the producers of the series to star in a spinoff movie where she will play the role of Carole Baskin.

"We can't say much other than she is being considered by the producers of the Tiger King production. She feels she could get into the character of Carole Baskin very well ... and she has a similar look to [Baskin]."
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Baskin is an animal rights conservationist who's longstanding feud with Joe Exotic aka The Tiger King forms the basis of the docuseries. Baskin tries to stop Joe Exotic's tiger zoo, which she claims is run illegally and results in mistreatment of the big cats. Baskin's profile is made murkier by the parts of the series which imply she had a hand in the disappearance of her husband, which resulted in monetary profit for her.

Ashfield claims Tara Reid is a big fan of the series and would love to essay the character of Baskin. The actress has been working in films since the age of six, but her breakout role was as Bunny in The Big Lebowski. After featuring in many popular movies and shows, including Van Wilder, Urban Legend, and Scrubs, her career took a strange turn, and she has recently starred in every installment of the Sharknado franchise.

Playing the role of Baskin will bring Reid back on to the mainstream Hollywood scene, but she is competing in a pretty overcrowded field. A number of upcoming movies and shows are looking to exploit the fascination surrounding the cast and events depicted in Tiger King.

Universal Content Productions is looking to turn the Wondery podcast centering on Exotic into a scripted series, which has SNL's Kate McKinnon attached to essay the role of Baskin. Baskin has already weighed in the series, expressing a wish that the producers make use of CGI tigers instead of actual animals.

The project garnering the most interest is an upcoming eight-part scripted series produced by Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios, which will see Nicholas Cage play the role of Joe Exotic as he fights the controversy surrounding his zoo and tries to keep the establishment open. Meanwhile, the project Reid is attached to seeks to tell the version of events from Baskin's point of view.

Clearly, Hollywood is hoping to get as much mileage as possible out of the events surrounding Tiger King. An interesting side effect of all the social media attention Netflix's docu-series generated is that the real Joe Exotic is appealing his conviction in jail, and his fans and supporters, which include celebs like Cardi B, are campaigning for the charges against him to be dropped. This news first dropped at People.

Neeraj Chand