Toy Story legend Woody becomes Joe Exotic in some truly frightening Tiger King fan art. The Netflix docuseries is still being talked about, over three weeks since it debuted. Fans can't seem to get enough of the twisted tale of Exotic and his colorful friends and enemies. Luckily, the streaming service has just announced that a new episode, The Tiger King and I, which is a special after show companion piece, will air this Sunday. Joel McHale is set to host.

Woody and Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise are beacons of wholesomeness. Joe Exotic isn't exactly a model citizen. However, artist Tommy Taylor has taken Woody and magically, or tragically, transformed him into Exotic, while Buzz is one of the Tiger King's husbands, John Finlay. The artwork is pretty frightening, to say the least. It's scary how easily Woody turns into Exotic, while Buzz makes for a good Finlay, complete with tattoos and missing teeth. This is an image that will more than likely stick with you for the rest of the day, so consider yourself warned.

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Woody is now sporting a Tiger King mullet with a handlebar mustache and piercings. He looks quite different from his usual look in Toy Story. His outfit has even gotten a bit of a flamboyant upgrade that Joe Exotic would probably approve of. Buzz Lightyear's missing teeth are disturbing, along with his eyes, which are half-shut. His aforementioned tattoo is a reference to the Netflix documentary with a Toy Story spin. Instead of saying, "Privately Owned by Joe Exotic," it reads, "Privately Owned by Andy." To top it off, the tattoo font looks like Andy wrote it.

The Toy Story and Tiger King mashup is just the latest in what will likely be an avalanche of fan art. The series is already huge in the meme community, with the Donald Trump mashup being extremely popular. There's even the G.I. Joe Exotic fan art that turns the former zoo owner into and American hero. While Tiger King fatigue is just around the corner, there are still characters from the show trying to figure out how to extend their 15 minutes of fame, and some of this fan art helps to achieve that.

The Tiger King and I premieres on April 12th with all new interviews with members of the cast. John Reinke, Joshua Dial, John Finlay, Saff, Erik Cowie, Rick Kirkman, along with Jeff and Lauren Lowe have all sat down for new interviews for the special. Carole Baskin and Bhagavan "Doc" Antle declined to take part in the new round of interviews due to their disappointment with how they came off in the original series. Finlay has also expressed disappointment with the way he was portrayed in Tiger King too. Maybe the new episode will set the record straight. In the meantime, you can check out the Toy Story mashup art below, thanks to Tom Taylor's Instagram account.