Tiger King Jeff Lowe has no intention of cleaning up Joe Exotic's old park for new owner Carole Baskin. Earlier this week, a judge awarded Baskin with ownership of Exotic's park, which is something that the former Tiger King is probably not very happy about. There's not really anything he can do since he's spending the next 22 years of his life in prison. Baskin's Big Cat Rescue Corporation has given Lowe 120 days to vacate the premises.

Jeff Lowe claims that the judge's decision was not a complete shock and claims that they had been anticipating it. Even so, he has not been preparing and does not plan on doing so any time soon. According to Lowe, the G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park is currently in a state of "complete hell." He went on and had this to say.

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"I mean, because I'm not taking care of it as we leave. The bamboo is about taking this place over... It's always been our intention to leave this place. We don't particularly like it here, because of its geographical location. It's not a great place for a business, it was poorly constructed, so we're happy to let her have it... I wish her all the luck in the world, and she can have these 16 acres of haunted memories."

The Tiger King star says that Carole Baskin has no idea how much work is ahead of her now that she owns Joe Exotic's old park. All of the animals have to be removed and Baskin will also have access to whatever is built on the 16 acres. It's unclear what Baskin plans to do with the park, but Jeff Lowe is ready to leave. He explains.

"We have anticipated this for almost two years. As soon as we came into the picture, Carol kind of automatically wrapped us under the same umbrella as Joe and tried to get me included in his judgement for a million dollars. I think she expected I could pay it when Joe never could so she fought long and hard and wasted a lot of money to get me named in her lawsuit."

When it comes down to it, Jeff Lowe is excited to get a new venture started and really doesn't care about the Tiger King legacy. Surely, the show has helped Lowe out and it will continue to do so, but it appears that just about everybody involved has soured on the Netflix experience. You can read what Lowe had to say about what's coming up next below.

"We don't care about the TV show, we don't care about Carole Baskin, we care that these animals finally get the life that they deserve. That's why we're anxious to get down to Thackerville."

Jeff Lowe is going to continue to stay in the big cat business and remain in the shadow of Netflix series Tiger King, which applies to everybody who appeared on the docuseries. Carole Baskin is now being accused of forging her missing ex-husband's signature for financial gain and there could very well be another investigation into his disappearance. As for Lowe, he's just sticking to what he knows. The interview with Jeff Lowe was originally conducted by Entertainment Tonight.