Fans of the Hulk from the comics no doubt caught the significance of what happened to Tim Blake Nelson's Sam Sterns near the ending of The Incredible Hulk. Well, as the actor revealed to MTV, he's looking forward to the sequel and doing battle against the Hulk as The Leader, whether Edward Norton is involved with the film or not.

"Well, I'm signed on to do Hulk 2 and 3 whether Edward's there or not, so it's not even up to me," he explained. "When I agreed to do Hulk, I signed off for two sequels, so it's a moot question. I certainly hope Edward is on the sequel - but that's up to Marvel and Edward."

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Nelson has just recently finished working on Leaves of Grass with Norton, and he confirmed that they had spoken about returning to the world of Marvel's gamma-powered goliath. "We talked about [Hulk] a little bit, yeah; we made some jokes about it," Nelson remembered. "It's all good, and I really do hope [the sequel] happens, for all sorts of reasons. But yeah, we did, we had a great time on Hulk together. I'm eager to do Hulk 2 if they make it."

Nelson also discussed the fact that he researched the character of Samuel Sterns and his villainous alter-ego, the Leader, before doing the first The Incredible Hulk. "Oh, I already did [research into The Leader] when I was doing [Dr. Samuel] Sterns, because I felt that it would be helpful to lay in stuff as Sterns for what The Leader would be," he explained.

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