The Corpse Bride: In a recent interview with, Tim Burton spoke about some recent projects that have had his named attached, including his upcoming producing gig on The Corpse Bride...

On superhero movies after his "Batman": "I liked the psychology of it, the darkness of it, but now it just seems like the tortured superhero has become its own genre. 'Yeah, OK, tortured kid ...' You kind of long for the days when they were just happy and doing good just because they loved it."

On why he won't make a sequel to "The Nightmare Before Christmas," which was about the collision of Halloween and Christmas: "What would it be ... 'Thanksgiving World'? Or they go kidnap Uncle Sam on the Fourth of July? That wouldn't go over too good these days."

Burton will be back to poking fun at death with one of his next movies, "The Corpse Bride," which he's producing.

Made in the same animation style as "The Nightmare Before Christmas," the story is based on an Eastern European folk tale about a man who mistakenly weds a dead body. Expect plenty of dark humor -- Burton says it's therapeutic to laugh at death instead of fearing it.

"Rather than make it this dark, unspoken thing -- which is kind of how I grew up -- I always liked the idea that it was more a celebration. It feels more positive, somehow, and more spiritual and right to me," he said.

He is also preparing to start work directing a live-action remake of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," (this one titled "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," like the original Roald Dahl story) with frequent collaborator Johnny Depp as the peculiar candy impresario.