Once upon a time, back in the 90s, before Bryan Singer bored the crotch out of Clark Kent with Superman Returns, Dark Shadows director Tim Burton was set to take on the Man of Steel with Superman Lives, which would have brought the man's unique personal style and vision to the DC Comics property.

As Superman: Man of Steel gears up for its 2013 release, we have been lucky enough to finally get a look at some of the odd costumes and concept art that Tim Burton was working on before his film got shot down. Today, we have a look at some of the toy concept art, which would have been in the guise of actor Nicolas Cage had this movie ever come to light.

Included in this newly discovered batch of artwork is a look at Superman's suit from early in the story, before his death. There is also a look at Superman's tomb, The Eradicator Suit, which conceals Superman's identity, The Eradicator, protector of Superman after his death, and Superman's Recovery Suit.

Brianiac would have been Superman's main foe in Superman Lives. A Skull Ship maquette shows off what this villain's means of travel would have looked like. It would have made a cool toy, but it may have been a little goofy to actually see on screen. Check out all of this toy art below and decide for yourself.

Superman Lives Toy Concept Art #1
"Superman appears in this suit in the beginning of the movie, until his "death." Reflects an updated "90's look" to Superman's traditional suit. Maintains signature colors of the blue tights with the red cape. Key design elements include the all new, contemporized "S" shield, and the addition of chest armor and shoulder pads."
Superman Lives Toy Concept Art #2
Superman Lives Toy Concept Art #3
"Superman Lives Suprman's Tomb Blueprints."
Superman Lives Toy Concept Art #4
"Special suit made from Eradicator technology that restores Superman's powers during the darkness on Earth. Encloses Superman entirely to completely hide his identity; creates a powerful new silohuette for Superman. Suit magnifies all of Superman's traditional powers. Sleek and aerodynamic metallic suit that pulses with light energy (light piping). Includes smooth armor accented with hieroglyphic designs."
Superman Lives Toy Concept Art #5
"Created by Jor-EI, Superman's father, to be Superman's "protector" and to rescue him from Death. Embodies the "newtechnology" and the "good" of Krypton. Is a power source that never runs out. Comes to "life" in the Fortress of Solitude where he re-activates Superman's signature technology. Can take different forms depending on the situation and the specific need required to protect Superman. Appears in the movie in two different forms: 1) as a humanoid; 2) as "special suit" for energizing Superman during the all-encompassing darkness. As a humanoid, the Eradicator is majestic, wisely and imposing. Has a heroic body, composed of pure energy, that is clothed is translucent robes."
Superman Lives Toy Concept Art #6
"Superman wears this suit in the rejuvenation chamber in the Fortress of Solitude. Suit is laden with Kryptonian technology, including triangular-shaped energy ports for "plugging" Superman into the Eradicator technology (for restoration of his powers). Energy "circulates" visibly through the sculpted Kryptonian power matrix (use of light pipe and translucent areas on the figure). Likely to be dark metallic blue with light accent colors."
Superman Lives Toy Concept Art #7
"Tim Burton's Superman Lives Brainiac's Skull Ship Maquette for movie."
Superman Live advanced teaser 1-Sheet
"Superman Lives advanced teaser 1-Sheet"